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Filename Mekanism-1.16.1-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded Aug 14, 2020
Game Version 1.16.1
Size 8.98 MB
Downloads 252,764
MD5 63728898d0ac291379060aa7c0a39572
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Java 8
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b1b86b4 - Update JEI and cleanup generics to allow for it to compile against the newer JEI. From my testing it seems to still be able to load on older versions of JEI and also have older versions of mek load on newer versions of JEI
676e785 - Bump min forge version to 32.0.104 and update how we handle log stripping, and ground tilling to use the new forge method rather than having using ATs to access the lookup maps
1ef2dd9 - Patch silk touch meka-tool still having ores drop xp (#6427). Note: stops other mods from easily being able to add extra xp drops to blocks when they are getting broken with silk touch
fd596d7 - Fix some improper edge case checks when it comes to checking if empty containers can be extracted (#6425)
a857279 - Update list of materials axes work against to match that of vanilla (#6430). Also fix the paxel not properly spawning particles and making a campfire drop its contents when extinguished
6d192cf - Make empty canteens display "Empty" instead of displaying "No gas" as the fact that nutritional paste is a gas internally is not important
550489c - Revamp dictionary item: - Added a description to the dictionary item to make it more clear what it is used for - Now supports showing the tags for blocks, items, fluids, entities, gases, infuse types, pigments, and slurries - Right clicking an entity or fluid in world now shows their tags - The dictionary's GUI now has a dropdown to view the different tag types that something supports. For example block items that have tags for both the block variant and the item variant now show both (though right clicking on blocks in the world is still likely to provide better results in cases where the block variant of an item cannot be properly determined) - Make the target slot in the dictionary GUI be a "ghost slot" so that things can be dragged from JEI into it ( - Also fix a few misc issues with scroll lists losing contents/selection index when resizing the minecraft window and make all the click sounds in GUIs properly respect the mek sound config instead of only some of them
930428b - Make the description for the QIO Exporter clearer (#6457)
375f006 - Fix GuiElement child nesting not properly syncing the individual children
188c38d - Fix the QIO container allowing extracting items in larger stacks than their max stack size (#6458)
50c5cce - Transition a few missed ints to varints
52ebee1 - Use our own system for calculating comparator level for inventory contents instead of forge's helper so that we can use our more specialized IInventorySlot#getLimit method to allow for properly calculating the value of things like bins (#6454)
4209310 - Make the delay for the industrial alarm turning off less noticeable (#6452)
5e128d6 - Added config option for disabling extended vein mining for the Meka-Tool (#6453)
4eb2eae - Replace Atomic Disassembler mode switch with radial selector. (#6422)
3326bd1 - Bump forge version and min forge version to 108, update dependencies and move registering our model loaders to the correct place now that there is a correct place
959100c - Make the proper tool type for plastic blocks be a pickaxe instead of there being no proper tool (#6432)
e135cc7 - Fix factory auto sort checking the wrong process for cached recipes so allowing items into inputs that they can't output to
dc022e2 - Save and load cached comparator levels so that tiles that depend on their world for their levels don't have issues (such as logistical sorters)
68503bf - Don't allow modification stations to be rotated with the configurator (#6444)
623a42e - Minor cleanup to how a few colors are applied
061cab3 - Fix missing render call from turbine model causing the blades to be floating instead of "connected" to the rotor shaft, also fix the rendering being a bit off for the bottom blade of a rotor of height one
fc8de2d - Fix some text rendering not using the proper colors if a resource pack changes them
1901bd0 - Rerun formatter
6a11e27 - New Crowdin updates (#6420)
5739653 - Bump version to 10.0.9

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