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Filename Mekanism-1.15.1-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded Jan 19, 2020
Game Version 1.15.1
Size 7.11 MB
Downloads 32,860
MD5 d0f76d4b87d1b61f8ceaa3877906543e
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Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions
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Java 8


Warning: Mekanism is currently in alpha, and is not recommended for widespread use in modpacks. There are likely to be game breaking bugs, and updating from one alpha to the next may cause various mekanism blocks to disappear/void their contents. While we will try to not have this happen/keep it to a minimum make sure to make backups. You can read more about the alpha state of this project here.
e49fd28 - fix fr_fr translations
c10ae2f - Fix blocks not keeping energy on breaking #5768
82e7854 - Fix free runners not preventing fall damage, and scuba gear + gas mask not preventing magic damage #5770 The listener was being registered on the wrong event bus
0099326 - Update dev forge version, and add an override to make sure contents are always rendered even if the amount is very small. #5766 - Eventually this should and can be expanded to other things calculating scales
5aef8d8 - Move tag creation to data generators
8bce87d - Add back accidentally removed balloons tag
04c9d6d - Minor cleanup, and fix edge case for EnergyInventorySlot validity check #5773. Also remove no longer needed HWYLA integration, as it seems to be able to work properly without special hooks
acb8905 - Fix Portable Teleporter not working properly
a9c6b59 - first pass chunloader rewrite
7f9929e - move dupe variable out of blocks, add a null check
e315851 - minor uncheck cast fix
6c61d48 - add non-null getWorld
1579d49 - chunkloaders part 2 - functional, but susceptible to the force chunk being un-forced
37dc1e9 - update travis config & readme image/link
af3d760 - Fix crash on server when using lasers or things that check the LaserManager. #5774 Also bump forge dev version to fix items in JEI looking faded
47a0123 - Fix accidentally putting the balloon tag in the wrong domain
298e7c1 - Cleanup implementation of tile sounds, and move the wind generator back to the weather slider. Also fixes the issue where some sounds were not effected by attenuation distance because when Minecraft switched from paulscode to OpenAL, some sounds broke working properly as OpenAL only supports mono sound files. #5776
127215b - Fix baby skeletons having the wrong eye height and move speed values. #5755
0bde074 - Partially cleanup the code having to do with retrogeneration #5778. NOTE: It still does not work, but more of the background structure is now ported
a0da04a - Fix crash when auto mode is turned on in the formulaic assemblicator #5769
bd181f3 - FG3 does not use setupCIWorkspace
2957488 - move to custom chunkloader manager (no vanilla forced chunks)
486d1cb - Move Tools module recipes to being made with a data generator
d9ec680 - Move Additions module recipes to being made with a data generator. Still have to convert enriching recipes at some point
120c545 - Fix JEI not showing filled variants of items
3bf4854 - Fix how Gas upgrade support is registered to different machines, and fix purifying and injecting factories not supporting gas upgrades at all
4d15d4a - Make some API classes to allow creating DataGen's for our recipes/tags easier - More work still needs to be done, as we are storing some recipe builders in the data gen module instead of the API for now due to not having access to the serializers in the API package currently - Rename some classes in the data generators to better match the naming forge gave vanilla of having it be Provider instead of Generator - Testing of the various builders also needs to be done, but that will be done in more depth as things are transitioned over to using them - Made is it so that the recipe serializers can handle NBT on fluids properly - Moved the enriching recipes that create slick plastic to the additions recipe data generator, so that all of additions recipes are now done via data generators
7409fa7 - Reformat code/optimize imports
71f8182 - Deduplicate a bit of deserialization code, and move the recipe builders for Mekanism's recipes to the API package so they can be properly used by other mods without requiring more than building against the API package.
55d34d0 - Properly handle the fact when the frequency manager is null on the client connected to a server #5787
27ccc96 - Fix a couple bugs with upgrading transmitters, and allow the upgrading to propagate the entire network if you keep clicking on the same transmitter. #5780
65a1e2b - Convert generators recipes to using data generators and clean up formatting of other recipe generators to be more readable in code. Also fix tags for gases and infuse types tags getting loaded after recipes attempt to be resolved, so that tags do not exist initially and the recipe fails to load
22f7ddf - Fix chargepad back texture being a bit screwed up
a3bff2d - Bump version to 9.9.3

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