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Filename Mekanism-1.12.2-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded Jul 22, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 7.50 MB
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MD5 c0654836901b90df3607e14ec09355db
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b85a908 - Implement #5054(Coal Gasification) (#5547)
8de341d - Give Entangloporter its own config for fluid/gas buffer instead of using ultimate tank's output config. #5558
3485c8b - Slightly improve performance of logistical transporter item rendering
de98296 - Slightly cleanup transporterimpl update code
beb18b5 - Improve fps a good bit by starting to change GL11 to GlStateManager
be268b5 - Finish changing RenderLogisticalTransporter to GlStateManager
de1bd30 - Replace GL11 with GlStateManager, good bit of testing still needed
315f961 - Simplify now duplicated methods
598538a - Remove some unneeded resetColors
824f9c1 - Initial transition to new MekanismRenderHelper
21079e6 - Minor fixes, seems the pushAttrib stuff is purely for saving the data and didn't change any states
b79806f - Use MekanismRenderHelper for MekanismRenderer#blendOn
cc2b6ee - Start transitioning some of the color calls to MekanismRenderHelper
f64b2a4 - Fix accidental infinite recursion
b1d7411 - Convert a lot more color calls
d687abd - Convert remaining color calls
0ea90e9 - Wrap calls to RenderHelper through MekanismRenderHelper
01f52b7 - Helper methods for most of the scale calls
5f899cd - Minor cleanup
ef87190 - MekanismRenderer.blendOn to MekanismRenderHelper.enableBlendPreset
7998d44 - MekanismRenderer.glowOn to MekanismRenderHelper.enableGlow
c7e8b07 - Reorder things slightly to not have to enable disable glow as much, and add helper color wrapper for BaseTier
001d5b4 - Make it a bit easier to read GuiDigitalMinerConfig
b629954 - Color mask
7236647 - Use helper wrapper methods for most usages of translate
17faa14 - Use helper wrapper methods for most usages of rotate
45ed556 - Couple minor comments
87d04ee - Fix wrong rotation on gas generator
cfb1e63 - Minor clean
d882ba2 - Switch some stuff away from object creation
b828a61 - Performance improvements of some of the impl of MekanismRenderHelper
28b682d - Fix rendering of missing replace stack for DM (use gradientRect rather than texture
aff3565 - Minor cleanup to energy cube rendering
f1c7196 - Some minor cleanup trying to fix what seems to be a state leak
e3fbf55 - Inline getBlocksTexture
e0c51e6 - Some minor cleanup
f835841 - Move comment, after having spent more time tracking down the issue
002d96a - Fix energy cube not blending the parts together properly
16e5c12 - Fix items in DM config gui appearing translucent
fbd4336 - Work on reducing GC overhead of stuff that can use the static helper and a manual push pop instead of the more advanced helper
adf2741 - For color only things manually handle resetting color to reduce GC from advanced helper
0aaab46 - Cleanup color overlaying in GUIs
710348a - Helper methods for drawTexturedModalRect to make code easier to read
e720e19 - Use drawRect instead of drawGradientRect where appropriate. Also represent colors as hex to make them easier to read
7b6c878 - Fix small typo
5dce92e - Add some null safety
d30f4ca - Add final to some things that should not be changed
9e06c03 - Inline a method
6753fec - Work more on cleaning up duplicated filter gui code
6f9c771 - Continue work on cleaning up duplicated filter gui code
d9fa9db - Continue work on cleaning up duplicated filter gui code
2f49f58 - Continue work on cleaning up duplicated filter gui code
323eaf9 - Continue work on cleaning up duplicated filter gui code
a7b29c2 - Deduplicate a bunch of code pertaining to drawing the background layer
d6b27e9 - Start removing need for keeping track of guiWidth and guiHeight, as they are equal to guiLeft and guiTop
6d32202 - Continue removing need for keeping track of guiWidth and guiHeight, as they are equal to guiLeft and guiTop
51b4af2 - Finish removing need for keeping track of guiWidth and guiHeight, as they are equal to guiLeft and guiTop
cd85fe8 - Fix having broken back button for item filters
dfa8cd0 - Cleanup more duplicate code fixing a couple other rendering issues form the change
0408a2f - Fix a bit of improper drawing
afbfe80 - Fix a couple bugs with DM filter gui rendering, and remove need for color masking support
94175ec - Cleanup some formatting and use else if instead of if when appropriate
997c994 - Fix wrong scaling for upgrades in gui
5672ad7 - Don't bother changing GL for when glow is being enabled at zero
e347914 - Reduce even more duplicate filter gui code
5139c73 - Deduplicate some tab element code
5c52e2f - Sort some more gui elements into packages
2d22bb4 - Further cleanup tab element code
14c9a58 - Cleanup duplicate code between miner config and logistical sorter
565f86e - Deduplicate reactor info guis
9203448 - Small cleanup of reference to GasMode
456b8a3 - Cleanup a couple more Tab elements
a872655 - Merge reactor tab elements into one tab element type
d8a75fa - Rename a couple methods and fix some unintended GL color state "leaks"
84ce8fb - Unify thermal evaporation rendering code
053c5bc - Minor cleanup
11a617d - Rerun formatter to cleanup spacing and imports
66a0a22 - Combiner: remove some duped textures & unnecessary 32x to 16x
ea0e392 - Crusher: depdupe & resize unecessary 32x
bcd481a - Energized Smelter: dedupe & resize unnecessary 32x
1143677 - Enrichment Chamber: resize unnecessary 32x
1ff6380 - scripted texture reduction of those that are exactly the same at x16
505bfeb - Change the coloring of the corners for energy cubes slightly
ffef493 - Cleanup coloring of gaseous fluids
a427620 - Remove unused color overlay icons
5331db1 - Fix rendering oddity with JEI Bookmarks overlay
af0d319 - Fixed rendering Formulaic Assemblicator item overlay in wrong spot
c039dfe - Make GuiFormulaicAssemblicator more readable
9e9484b - Cleanup some references to bound checks
2152c16 - Replace a lot of GLSMHelper's wrappers with direct GlStateManager calls
cdcbd07 - Get rid of MekanismRenderHelper, need to deduplicate some code and evaluate remainder of GLSMHelper
14e5f53 - Remove unneeded blend changes from RenderMechanicalPipe
30671e0 - Change handling of rotate by facing slightly
9a58a2c - Replace EnumFacing.values() with EnumFacing.VALUES
1843249 - Minor cleanup
12bfb24 - Remove brackets from case blocks
b97f3c4 - Change TileEntityBasicBlock#canSetFacing and setFacing to use EnumFacing instead of an int
b48a64d - Change majority of GL calls using doubles to using floats
c83eee8 - Change remaining GL double usage to float
ba6f53c - Update dev version of forge
1b0fc27 - Run formatter
0d88fbe - Deduplicate IFluidTank implementations for multiblock fluid tanks
329679e - Remove ancient voltz/tekkit detection code
f9d8366 - Deduplicate Robit AI code for following and picking up items
0460939 - Cleanup ParticleLaser code
19b6cca - Cleanup a few numbers in FluidRenderer
1d05024 - Convert various simple color calls from having a GLSMHelper wrapper to just direct calls
4fc4ee0 - Fix absurdity that was GuiOredictionificator trying to use alpha 3
1c2c291 - Remove extra checks for if a FluidStack's fluid is null as it is can never happen
86e4c5b - Minorly rearrange GLSMHelper order
62409b2 - Small formatting changes from rebasing instead of having multiple merge commits
ba3c4ff - Fix container duplication glitch #5559, the extra container specific code is not needed anymore as when the container is supposed to be consumed, it should be caught by the getRemainingItems
0701203 - Fix remaining part of #5534 where the logistical sorter assumed that it was connected to an item handler if it could find a tile entity at all
b861635 - Always have textureY be passed
5eeba1a - Remove some null checks that are either not needed or should have a crash happen
47b19ee - Cleaned up some duplicated GL code especially due to loops
0bc0be3 - Log the error if rendering an item fails
7d09685 - Move chooseByMode into GasMode enum
69e6773 - Merge GLSMHelper stuff back into MekanismRenderer
728504e - Player click sound when using enter to change setting instead of just on button press
643bb4a - Remove some unused GL code from MekanismItemStackRenderer
48aaf51 - Improve implementation of deduplicating TransporterStacks to render
8dbd4f4 - Convert GuiDigitalMiner to using GuiButtonImage
981de48 - Convert GuiFormulaicAssemblicator to using GuiButtonImageMek
48b68f3 - Cleanup implementation of buttons in generators module, and do some button cleanup on GuiLogisticalSorter
d4f3817 - Use GuiButtonImageMek for Teleporter and SecurityDesk. Also make GuiSecurityDesk compare by UUID
9c2ccf3 - Properly show buttons as disabled if the ownerUUID failed to sync
dddfeef - Fix text color leaking from scroll list into scroll bar
e38ce21 - Switch a few more GUIs to using GuiButtonImageMek
eaddff6 - More GuiButtonImageMek and also create GuiColorButton
5fdb2b2 - Remove old coloring method
ea61b70 - Cleanup Robit implementation of buttons, and make calls adding to buttonList easier to read
c8f6d0b - Work on cleaning up buttons in filters
bded03f - Fix color button in filters
25df9ed - Rename GuiButtonImageMek to GuiButtonDisableableImage
e409147 - Don't use old button helper method for Solar or Wind Generator as they are not actually buttons
1c46407 - Use actual buttons for GuiDigitalMinerConfig, and commit missed removal of GuiButtonImageMek from renaming in last commit
8e90b39 - Switch side configs to having fully qualified buttons
fbdc201 - Fix unwanted lighting changes made by drawHoveringText
8702569 - Deduplicate a bit of code between GuiFluidGauge and GuiGasGauge
c3699fc - Ensure element color change does not leak in the individual elements themselves
35390c3 - Replace drawHoveringText with displayTooltip as to ensure we are handling the state changes
165a908 - Handle resetting color changes from drawing background in the GUIs themselves
e80213b - Add back glow to corners of Energy Cubes
db8dfa7 - Start making GuiSeismicReader more closely mirror GuiMekanism
182b75d - use constants and switch for button ids on GuiDigitalMiner
83a157e - Implement Wood Gasification (#5556)
63679fe - Replace remaining uses of sendToAllAround with various versions of sendToAllTracking
710e7ce - Fix setting teleporter to existing frequency not actually saving the change to the block
e335220 - Miscellaneous cleanup of energy wrappers. Also fix BuildCraft's modid
c5fbabe - Fix a few issues with sound (#5561)
9e26fea - Atomic Disassembler config (#5573)
50b53ae - Improve implementation of opening various Guis (#5566)
a06f2f0 - Implement #5253(Extended vein Mining, and make it possible to disable various Atomic Disassembler Modes (#5544)
e62c420 - Remove unused Access Transformers and minor code cleanup (#5575)
be8635b - Bump version to 9.8.0

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