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Filename MekanismTools-1.16.5-
Uploaded by bradyaidanc
Uploaded Feb 23, 2022
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
Size 359.41 KB
Downloads 2,551,965
MD5 7742cf452e949b171884457cedabdce1
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Java 8
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e95d2b7 - Fix building by switching from CC's maven to curse's maven
a224d98 - Backport a couple JEI fixes from 1.18:
 - Gui elements in categories not being ordered leading to potential rendering issues
 - Rotary condensentrator categories not having fluids marked properly for if they are an input or are an output
76466be - Backport fix for describing rotary condensentrator recipe outputs
19b5699 - Strictly specify as in the API which atlas the chemical textures are stitched to
3f4f580 - Fix not being able to view recipes or usages by pressing R or U over items stored in the QIO's main inventory #7384
6a5a767 - Fix nether gold ore combining recipe using our gold dust instead of the gold dust tag #7409 and also fix some minor dupe issues related to using a stone cutter to get more of an item #7413
89721bf - Prevent against checking if a position is inside a multiblock if it isn't valid so has no manager #7394
930ba69 - Expose getComparatorLevel of tiles that support comparators to computers (#7387)
786393a - Lazily setup the logistical transporter's item render to ensure things like sponge that mixin to the constructor don't have issues with the world being null even though it isn't being used yet #7411
317dcad - Only call updateOutputSlot if we actually need to recalculate the output AND also do so whenever the stacks cannot stack so that it doesn't cache an output from a previous match for a given recipe #7396
638f538 - Fix being able to extract half of a crafting window's output while using all inputs instead of forcing it to provide the entire stack like vanilla's crafting window does
71f77ef - New Crowdin updates (#7375)
ac0aaa8 - Bump version to 10.1.2

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