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Mekanism Community Edition

Originally made for Terralization Modpack with fixes from several different forks. Now with new features, bugfixes and performance enhancement. Long Term Support for Mekanism 1.7.10 & 1.12.2

MEK:CE Modules

Official Modpacks


The Lost Era

For modpacks

You need to include the LICENSE for Mekanism Community Edition and Aidanbrady as author, if your system supports it indicate that this is an custom version and give appreciable credits to the mekanism ce team

Mekanism CE has continued the use of the update notifier in 1.7.10 but changed the config name to v2. This is to notify people making the switch to CE of this feature. It is recommended for modpacks to disable this.


We accept all the help we can get, the current people working on mek:ce are busy with alot of other projects, so any new members are welcome, aswell as pull requests and just people reporting issues on our github.

Required Dependencies 1.7.10

Mekanism CE also has two dependencies that it requires, as a modpack creator DO NOT USE the automatic downloader to get those file. It puts alot of strain to my server network.

Dependency list


Full changelog 1.7.10

Full changelog 1.12.2




Mekanism patched