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Filename mekanica-1.12.2-1.2.0.jar
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Uploaded Apr 3, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2  
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Major changes since 1.1.2:
* Continued work on reducing memory usage of models
* Remastered all sounds to a lower volume; honor config settings for volume
* Removed all legacy IInventory automation; refactored logic around how
pipes/cables connect so they follow the marked areas on machines
* Improved performance/behavior of Logistical Transporters; they are much
lighter on server now and more efficient when moving large numbers of items
* Fixed some IC2 errors
* Reduced idle tick overhead of Digital Miner
* Add ES translation (thanks JonMaker050!)

883a73632: Create es_ES.lang
6a0f8e386: Fix #5329 Check against homeLocation when finding TransporterStack acceptors; also, don't allow inventory insertion/extraction of things in charge slot for Digital Miner
97421bd7d: Fix dupe bug caused by the offset capabilities
ed9dedd39: Remove a lot of the unchecked cast warnings around capabilities
66d0bca37: Remove usage of TUBE_CONNECTION_CAPABILITY, in favor of using toggleable capabilities
c9f4a90db: Allow bins to be accessed from all sides
5cf955112: Add some JavaDocs to the new Capability Interfaces
8c102b85c: Implement isItemValid check for BinItemHandler (only is true for slot 0) Also have the custom interfaces extend ICapabilityProvider
cf8ef8ad5: Move configuration capability checking from CapabilityUtils to TileEntityComponentConfig
5822c3ce6: Disable capability for a couple other tiles
1f5353bd0: Obey the configuration tabs of various machines
b8ae59286: Better handling of if energy should be allowed to connect
b4adb6d5f: Easier disabling of capabilities, and support for offset capabilities
cf8a92c30: Use per-stack IDs for batch deletes in network protocol (#141)
d5f41f731: Remove obsidian crushing recipe, up enrichment recipe of obsidian from 2 dust to 4.
e4b70fa0e: dustObsidian added as crushing recipe
cbd2aab88: Fixes IC2 complaining about unregistering without registering fixes #146 (#147)
4608944b7: Merge pull request #140 from mekanica/inv-touchups
ccaa88a62: Touchups
bbb9cf688: Merge branch 'master' into inv-touchups
334e9a47f: Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
9be9834db: Only do multiblock form message/particles if within 10 blocks of the multiblock
308d5f551: fix #143
d7a0afdc6: Fix being unable to connect logistical transporters to top of Bins
2ed0028a9: Utility method for throwing IItemHandler exceptions
0574e98f1: properly add items to InvStack
c07ecda4d: warning fixes, cleanups
2e16622b8: Overhaul InvStack to be more efficient, better designed and thoroughly documented. Also, add in sanity checks to IItemHandler wraps so we can fix any potential issues.
8c276b6b1: IInventory automation removal (#132)
934788e0e: Transit request overhaul (#135)
987894c63: Reduce idle tick time on DigitalMiner by removing constant refreshing of chunk set
cd52564ef: Keep trying to send stacks even if one won't fit.
ac371dec0: Logistical Transporter Performance Work (#116)
f6933b662: Overhaul how logistics networks estimate what can fit in the network (#124)
81c74e131: Cleaned up some repeated bulk in models (#107)
ff9c32ff6: cleanup stackutils (#127)
3b35315d0: replace custom string wrapping with vanilla method (#128)
020c85cab: reformat json files to be more readable (#120)
426ac05e6: Merge pull request #126 from mekanica/dss-remaster-sounds
f5cdf6455: Merge pull request #118 from temp1011/remove-unused-methods
a392514e1: Remaster sounds to all be -30dBFS; remove per-object sound volume; honor config setting for volume adjustment
b51147077: remove unused imports
224d89a7a: make sure recipeUtils works for all crafting grids
392b7c2ea: remove and inline methods
5dd3cf3bb: Add reference to YourKit
9fefd1b41: Add missing config comment for ChemicalDissolutionChamberUsage