Mega Mario



What is Mega Mario?!

This mod adds the Mega Starman power-up ability from Super Paper Mario into Minecraft! You can use the ability to smash your way through the world, destroying everything and everyone in your path! However keep in mind, the powerup is limited so don't waste it!


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How can I become Mega Mario?

To apply the mega starman ability simply place a RED mushroom in your hand and right click to consume it. Upon consuming it the mega starman ability will start! The ability will only last for 24 seconds by default.


Configurable Options

The mod provides a config which can be used to alter how it works.

Options include:
starman_timer (This controls the length of time the ability will last in seconds)

blacklisted_blocks (This array contains the names of blocks you wish to not be destroyed using the ability, by default Bedrock is unable to be destroyed)

trigger_items (This array contains the names of items you want to act as the trigger for the mega starman ability. By default it is setup to use the red mushroom. You can configure this to use other items as well as those form mods. Make sure the name is exactly as it appears in game. If you are unsure you can check with the /give command)

kill_entities (This controls whether you want the ability to kill entities or not. By default this value is true)

- drop_blocks (This controls whether blocks will drop their item upon being destroyed. By default this value is true)



Please note, other mods which alter the player's rendering may conflict with this mod and cause the mega appearance of the player to not be shown.