Measuring Compass

370 Downloads Last Updated: May 23, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

This is a client-side mod. 

This mod adds functionality to an existing item (compass by default), which allows you to make measurements and visualize them. The item can be changed in the config file. 

With the compass in your main hand, right-clicking a block will set that block as the first corner. Go ahead and right-click on another block to set the opposite corner, and you should see a box along with the lengths of each of its dimensions.

(Sneak) + Right-click deletes the most recent box.

To bring up the GUI, right-click in the air with the compass in your main hand. 

You can set values (0-255) for red, green, blue, and alpha (opacity). There are a few presets for convenience. 

You can toggle between two rendering modes: outline and filled.




- Fixed (sneak + rightclick) removing more than one box occasionally
- Fixed offsets displaying even after selecting second corner
- Fixed boxes drawing when selecting a corner and selecting the second in a different dimension
- Refactored code

- Filled boxes now also render outlines (inversed color) to make it easier to see the shape
- Added shortcut for deleting the most recent box (right-click while sneaking)
- Added overlay when first corner is selected, showing XYZ offsets. This means the player's current position is NOT included in the numbers shown. If the offset says you're 15 blocks away, you're standing on the 16th block.
- Minor bug fixes and optimizations

- Initial release



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