Last Updated: Jun 9, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Apr 15, 2019

Owner: BUM_Sinister

Want Your A Cape Under Your Name, Or Early Access

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Version 3.0 Released!!!

Whats New

  • Added Nano Gauntlet from Endgame
  • 2 Structures to get 2 stones (Power for a Labyrinth in a Tiga, Soul Stone/Vormir is in-game just no way to get)
  • Added Mystero Armor
  • Updated All Armors to not look so fat
  • And More


  1. Get 1 Uru Ore(found in the Nether)
  2. Kill 1 Asgardian(Must kill by egg)

Download the Mod to see

  • Villains form the MCU such as Thanos
  • All new Dimension Teleport Command
  • Thanos's Armor
  • Arc reactors 
  • Foods from the MCU such as Shwarma
  • Vibranium, Wakanda and more!!!







Currently this mod is best played in creative due to their not being many recipes yet!
This mod is currently for 1.12.2!!!

Forge is required


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