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MCTwitter (MCT) is a mod that makes you able to send/read tweets though commands (might code a gui later)
MCTwitter is open source, all personal information needed (Token and Secret Token), are only used for you to login. (Github can be used to prove this).    MCTwitter uses Twitter4J (API, Library)

/send <text>:
Will send out a tweet with <text>

/timeline <message>: Will display latest <messages> on your timeline.


You can use MCTwitter in your modpack by following a few simple rules:
You need to give me credits somewhere, and there must be a link to this page or my official site (
You're not getting any money from the modpack.

This document is Copyright ©(wasliebob)  and is the intellectualproperty of the author.Only is able to host any of my material without my(wasliebob) consent.It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributedpublicly without advance written permission.If you mirror this mod page or anything I've(wasliebob) made on any other site, I(wasliebob) may express my angst at you in the form of a lawsuit.

Special Thanks:
Mojang: for making minecraft.
MCP Team: For making us able to mod minecraft easily.
Forge Team: For Forge without it this wouldn't be possible at all.
Minecraft Community: For supporting me and keeping me motivated.

If you have questions or need help you can find me on my own irc channel:

Do you really like my mod, and you want it stay in active development, think about donating it will keep me motivated and you even get a place in the donators list!




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