[Abandoned] MCrafterzz Mod

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This is a mod that adds everything that I think should be added to vanilla. This mod adds things for building, mining, adventuring, mapmaking and more! I hope you enjoy my mod, you can always write suggestions in the comments (curseforge only), don't create issues for suggestions!

!: Use the latest version and use the wright minecraft version!

NOTE: I will no longer update this mod as it needs a total rewrite. The soucecode is avalible so you can fork it or create pull request. Only requirement is that you credit me for making the original mod.

Important note!: This is the only official page, if you download it from somewhere else then you wont get any support. Other pages may also add malware to the download, so only download from this page!


+ = Added

- = Removed

= = Changed

F = Fixed

V. 3.9.1 (04/08/16):

F Fixed hammers not working on "pickaxe blocks"

V. 3.9.0 (30/07/16):

+ Added wooden shears

+ Added 9 scythes

= Changed a lot of config descriptions

= 9 nether warts can now be crafted from a nether wart block

= 4 string can now be crafted from wool or colour changing wool

= Furnaces can now be crafted from the other stone type, stone bricks and more

= Updated to forge

F Fixed /setblocks acting very stangly

F Fixed hammers not working up and down

F Fixed enchaments not working on hammers

F Fixed block's dropping when hammer having a wrong harvest level

F Fixed amethyst and jade not being able to spawn more common than diamond

F Fixed copper, tin, basalt and clay not being able to spawn more rarely than diamond 

V. 3.8.0 The hammer update (15/07/16):

+ Added block of death killing entitys and the players when stepping on it
+ Added red nether bricks fence
+ Added nether bricks, dark nether bricks and red nether bricks fence gate
+ Added 8 new flint and steels
+ Added 9 hammers
+ Clay can now spawn underground
+ Added spawn clay config option
+ Added config options: block count, chance to spawn, mininum height and maxinum height for all ores, clay and basalt
+ Added config options: chance to spawn, mininum chance to spawn and maxinum chance to spawn for flowers
= End bricks stairs is now named end stone bricks stairs
= Small tweaks

= Updated to forge 1.10.2 -
- Removed bluestone
- Removed blue redstone?
F Fixed op multitool not being crafteble the other way
F Fixed wooden pattern stairs not being crafteble from bone stairs
F Fixed crafting config options not working on fences, stairs and walls
F Fixed ores and minerals not being registered to the forge ore directory
F Fixed some ore values being messed up when generating
F Fixed basalt not spawning
F Fixed crusher not working at all

F Fixed multitools breaking some blocks slowly

F Fixed axes having the wrong attack speed

F Fixed multitools having the wrong attack speed

F Fixed multitools not working with some modded blocks

V. 3.7.1 (05/07/16):

F Config file crashing mod on servers

V. 3.7.0 (30/06/16):

+ Added jade shield
+ Added oak log, birch log, spruce log, jungle log, acacia log and dark oak log stairs
+ Added seamless smooth sandstone stairs and seamless smooth red sandstone stairs
+ Added prismarine stairs, prismarine bricks stairs and dark prismarine stairs

+ Added obsidian, bone, red nether bricks, end bricks and dark nether bricks stairs

= Shields are no longer holded the same when your blocking

= Moved dark nether bricks fence to MCrafterzz mod smaller building blocks creative tab
= Wooden pattern stairs can now be crafted from modded stairs (from this mod)

F Jade not being rarer than diamond when spawning

F Items and blocks not being registered properly. This prevents problems in the future

F Flowers y value being messed up when generated

F Colour blocks and glowing colour blocks having the wrong name

V. 3.6.1 (29/06/16):

= Recompiled for 1.10.2

F Mod not working in 1.9.4

V. 3.6.0 (28/06/16):

+ Added config file with gui

+ Added scaffolding block

+ Added coal, iron, gold, lapis, redstone, diamond, emerald, tin, copper, bronze, jade and amethyst stairs

+ Added stone, granite, andesite, diorite, basalt, granite bricks, andesite bricks, diorite bricks, basalt bricks and sandy stone bricks stairs

+ Added seamless oak, birch, spruce, jungle, acacia and dark oak log stairs

+ Added wooden pattern stairs

+ Added MCrafterzz Mod Smaller Building Blocks creative tab

= Moved walls to MCrafterzz Mod Smaller Building Blocks creative tab

= Walls and fences no longer connect to non-opaque blocks for example snow

= New texture for wooden pattern pressure plate

= Vanilla blocks(traodoors, buttons etc) can now be crafted with wooden patterns (config option)

V. 3.5.0 The colour update (23/06/16):

Workes for 1.9.4 and 1.10!

+ Added iron button

+ Added 16 coloured stone bricks

+ Added 16 glowing coloured stone bricks

+ Added colour changing stone bricks

+ Added glowing colour changing blocks

+ Added 16 coloured stone

+ Added 16 glowing coloured stone

+ Added colour changing stone

+ Added glowing colour changing coloured stone

+ Added 16 coloured cobblestone

+ Added 16 glowing coloured cobblestone

+ Added colour changing changing cobblestone

+ Added glowing colour changing cobblestone

+ Added iron chest (work in progress)

+ Added wooden pattern fence gate

= Moved Shields to MCrafterzz mod tools/armour

- Removed some unused files and textures

F Torches not being placeble on walls

F Block's being invisible on maps

F Shield's taking damage every second

V. 3.4.0 The stone update (19/06/16):

+ Added dark nether bricks

+ Added dark nether bricks fence

+ Added basalt and basalt bricks

+ Added polished stone and polished basalt

+ Added granite, andesite and diorite bricks

+ Added granite bricks, andesite bricks, diorite bricks and basalt bricks wall

+ Added seamless smooth sandstone and seamless smooth red sandstone

+ Added sandy bricks

+ Added sandy stone bricks and sandy bricks wall

+ Added op bow

+ Added jade, jade block and jade ore

+ Added jade armour

+ Added jade tools

+ Added jade button, pressure plate, bars, trapdoor and wall

+ Added diorite, granite, andesite and basalt walls

+ Added /setblocks that works like /fill but without a limit

+ Added update page to /mm and /mcrafterzzmod

+ Added some missing recipes for helmets and boots

+ Added 7 wooden patterns

= Tools and armour can now be repaired

= New texture for amethyst ore

= Improved textures for tin and copper ore

= Improved textures for all amethyst tools

= New recipes for polished andesite, diorite and granite

= New recipes for bars, button, pressure plates, trapdoors and walls

= Amethyst now generates in the end instead of in the overworld

F Bows not using all of there textures

F Blustone wire, bows and shields having wrong names

V. 3.3.0 (13/06/16):

+ Added /mm and /mcrafterzzmod that shows infomation about this mod

= Glowing air now has a resistance of 18000000

V. 3.2.0 The creative tab moving update (12/06/16):

= Moved mineral blocks to MCrafterzz mod building/redstone creative tab

= Moved ores to MCrafterzz mod world creative tab

= Moved Shields to MCrafterzz mod work in progress creative tab

= Moved amethyst upgrade and the op tool achievements more apart from eachover

= Moved bluestone wire back to MCrafterzz mod work in progress creative tab

= Amethyst ore is now harder and more blast resistant

= Improved texture for diamond, copper, bronze and op multitool

= Crusher now has it's own texture instead of amethyst block's texture

= Crusher is now crafteble

= Updated to forge-1.9.4-

F Amethyst shields having wrong durability

F Custom achivement page not showing arrows/lines

F Crusher not having any texture when placed

F Flower world generator crashing minecraft

V. 3.1.0 The colourful update (09/06/16):

+ Added MCrafterzz mod world creative tab

+ Added purple tulip

+ Added emerald bars, trapdoors, pressure plates and buttons

+ Added quartz bars, trapdoors, walls, pressure plates and buttons

+ Added colour changing wool

+ Added colour changing clay

+ Added colour changing glass

+ Added colour changing colour block and glowing colour block

+ Added more flowers! achievement

+ Added blue redstone? achievement

= Moved flowers to MCrafterzz mod world creative tab

= MCrafterzz mod work in progress creative tab now has the crusher as icon instead of bluestone

= Moved null block to MCrafterzz mod building creative tab

= MCrafterzz mod building creative tab now uses colour changing glass as icon instead of a green colour block

V. 3.0.0 The totally random update (08/06/16):

+ Added seamless stone slab

+ Added seamless oak, birch, spruce, jungle, acacia and dark oak logs

+ Added stone, iron, gold, emerald, diamond, copper, tin, bronze and amethyst walls

+ Added brick and stonebrick walls

+ Added invisible pressure plate

+ Added glowing barrier

+ Added glowing air

+ Added blue, green, yellow and black tulips

+ Added crusher(first machine!) WIP

+ Added null block

+ Added MCrafterzz Mod Map Making creative tab

+ Added MCrafterzz Mod Work In Progress creative tab

- Removed crafting table on a stick (will probaly come back in the future)

- Removed crafting everywhere!

= Buttons now have sounds

= Improved textures for all bars

= Improved textures for all trapdoors

= Improved textures for copper, tin and bronze blocks

= New texture for amethyst

= Improved textures for tin ingot

= Balanced some recipes

= Renamed MCrafterzz Mod Tools to MCrafterzz Mod Tools/Redstone

= Moved some blocks from MCrafterzz Mod to MCrafterzz Mod Tools/Redstone tab

= Updated to forge-1.9.4-

F Fixed gold shield having a transparent texture

F Bluestone's texture now works properly

F Bluestone having redstone particles

F Black glowing colour block now have a correct texture

F Purple glowing colour block now have a correct texture

F Walls not connecting to other walls

V. 2.4.0 (22/05/16):

= Updated to 1.9.4

+ Added crafting everywhere achievement

+ MCrafterzz Mod Building creative tab

V. 2.3.1 (21/05/16):

F Fixed black colour block not having a texture when placed

F Fixed purple colour block having a wrong texture when placed

F Fixed shield being unbreakable

V. 2.3.0 The colour block update (21/05/16):

+ Stone, iron, gold, diamond, copper, bronze and amethyst shield

+ Crafting table on a stick

+ 16 Colour blocks

+ 16 Glowing colour blocks

+ Bluestone (Texture is currently bugged)

V. 2.2.0 The tool update (17/05/16):

+ Diamond pressure plate

+ Stone, gold, diamond, copper, bronze and amethyst shears

+ Stone, iron, gold, diamond, copper, bronze and amethyst bow

= Pressure plate recipes are no longer shapeless

F Version number in mcmod.info is now right

V. 2.1.0 The metal update (15/05/16):

+ Gold/Diamond/Copper/Tin/Bronze/Amethyst pressure plates

+ Stone/Gold/Diamond/Copper/Tin/Bronze/Amethyst bars

+ Gold/Diamond/Copper/Tin/Bronze/Amethyst buttons

+ Stone/Gold/Diamond/Copper/Tin/Bronze/Amethyst trap_doors

= New textures for copper, tin, bronze and amethyst blocks

F Fixed some items and blocks that had a wrong name

F Fixed some achievements having a wrong name

F Fixed block step sounds

V. 2.0.1:

= Creative tab MCrafterzz mod tools is now named MCrafterzz mod tools/armour

F Fixed items rendering wrongly (json model files)

V. 2.0.0:

= Total rewrite

= Bugfixes

Texturepack support:

These texturepacks supports MCrafterzz mod:

The simple texturepack

If you have made a texturepack that supports my mod, then comment below and I will add it to the list

Source code:

The source code is now uploaded to github.


* You are not allowed to reupload or share the code

* You are not allowed to use the code or parts of it in your project

You are only allowed to use it for:

* Learning

* Creating pull-requests

Textures to fix:

* Shields


Mod related:

* Iron chests don't open

Forge related:

Planned for future versions:


* Add sky dimension

* Add empty dimension

* Maybe add /tpdimension


* Mobs

* Metal doors

* More slabs and walls (if carpenters blocks doesn't get updated soon)

* Liquids

* Structures


Credits (Thank you):

Champion Ash5357 - helping me a lot with the crusher

Everyone who has helped me on the forge forums

Everyone who have reported bugs and have given suggestions

Modpack rules:

You can use my mod in your modpack if you:

* Credit me in the description: MCrafterzz Mod by MCrafterzz

* Not earn any money from it for example adfly link (You can earn and use curse points)

* Post it on curse, it's ok if you post it somewhere else as long as the download is on curse

Hope you enjoy my mod. Please comment below if you have any questions or have any ideas how I can inprove this mod. All comments must be posted on curseforge, comments on curse are disabled. 


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