The spiritual successor to ForgeSubWhitelist. It got completely redesigned and upgraded.


This mod/service makes it easy to create subscriber only Minecraft servers.


How does it work? (For players)

  1. Link your Minecraft account and the account you want to use to authenticate. See the instructions on the website: https://mclink.dries007.net/ .
  2. Log into the server that is protected by MCLink.
  3. Play!

How does it work for server owners?

  1. Link your accounts.
  2. Get an API token
  3. Install the mod
  4. Put the API token in mod's config. Config example here.
  5. Invite players & Play!

Why is this better than any of the alternatives?

  • This mod is Server Side only. (Although including it in the client may offer benefits in the future, so it is recommended)
  • It uses the updated Twitch API. (so It won't stop working when Twitch disables the old api in january 2018)
  • Supports variable tiers of subscription. (Example: Only allow 5$+ Patreons and non-Prime Twitch subs to join)
  • Support for multiple subscription services all at once. (Current list: Twitch, GameWisp, Patreon)
  • No synchronization delay. You can instantly join after subscribing. (provided your accounts are linked)
  • You only have to link your accounts once. The link is specific to your Minecraft account, not the server you are trying to log in to.
  • Mods/Plugins for other platforms (Spigot/Sponge/Vanilla) are available or being worked on too! (check website for a list)

More information is also available on the website: https://mclink.dries007.net/ .

Mod versions for older versions of Minecraft will be released, if you need a specific version, contact me and I'll see if I can speed things up.


This mod also adds a command /mclink that allows you to reload the config, request server status and open and close the server on demand.