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What is MCAdditions?

MCAdditions is a Minecraft mod built with the purpose of adding additions into Minecraft as to enhance decorating.


What does MCAdditions contain?

MCAdditions currently has Tables, Coffee Tables and Shelves that come in all 6 types of wood!


Haven't I seen this before?

Well quite probably as MCAdditions is the direct descendant of my other Minecraft mod 'MCDecorations' which sadly I had to stop development on due to a loss in source code.


Assumed Common Questions:

Q-Can I use your mod in my mod pack/video?

A-Yes. you may as long as credit is given and a link be provided to the curse forge download.


Q-I've seen MCAdditions on other websites. What's with that?

A-Well, I am aware of other sites taking my previous mod, without permission, and posting it onto other sites and so I expect the same to happen with MCAdditions so I suggest that you only download MCAdditions from curse forge.


I hope you enjoying decorating your Minecraft homes with MCAdditions!