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Filename difficultymod-1.0.560.jar
Uploaded by Matthe815
Uploaded Aug 9, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
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The first and hopefully only beta-test for version 1.0.


Balance Changes

Running out of stamina now temporarily applies a Slowness III effect.

The staminaless potion effect now negates stamina loss rather than doubling stamina capacity.


Bug Fixes

Fixed misplaced tab for Wool Socks
Fixed a visual bug causing Old-GUI thirst to jump around everywhere when saturation was empty.



Adjusted Stamina bar size and moved it to under the crosshair.




Changed canteen sprite to fit the graphical style of the mod and minecraft.

Added icons to each status effect.



Changed Apple Juice Recipe

Added Carrot Juice Recipe

Added Pumpkin Juice Recipe

Added Golden Carrot Juice Recipe

Added Melon Juice Recipe

Added Glistering Melon Recipe

Added Beetroot Juice Recipe

Added Chorus Fruit Juice Recipe

Added Golden Apple Juice Recipe

Fixed Armor Recipes



Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug where the offset in the "old TAN GUI" was off slightly.

Fixed a bug where the hypothermia/hyperthermia effects were snapping and most of the time not actually damaging the player.

Fixed a bug where stamina when jumping would only be reduced by 0.33 instead of the default 10 when unmodified.
FIxed a bug causing your stamina to not regenerate when performing an action other than running.



Tweaked the water bottle so that it restores slightly more thirst per-usage.
Tweaked Apple Juice to restore less thirst.
Tweaked Cactus Juice to restore less thirst.


Removed Lemonade.
Removed Orange Juice.
Added Carrot Juice.
Added Golden Carrot Juice.
Added Golden Apple Juice.
Added Chorus Fruit Juice.
Added Melon Juice.
Added Beetroot Juice.
Added Glistering Melon Juice.

Creative Tabs

Changed the name of "Difficulty Mod Consumables" to "Matthew's Difficulty Mod"
Added all of the clothing items to "Matthew's Difficulty Mod" tab.


Simple crash fix


Bug Fix

Fixed a crash that occurs when opening the game due to a misplaced dependency.


Small fixes


Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when consuming an item not registered with a thirst value.

Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when a potion effect get applied to a mob other than the player.



Made the "Old TAN GUI" look more authentic regarding thirst and hunger icons.



Bug fix update, really.


Added a texture for wet-gear.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when drinking anything.
Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when thirst is disabled but stamina isn't.
Fixed a bug that caused thirst/stamina effects to still apply even in creative.
Fixed a bug that prevented water from increasing your thirst.
Fixed a bug that caused hot-drink to set your temperature to 0.
Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when eating food.
Fixed a bug that causes a crash when you jump.



Bug Fixes

  • Fix a bug causing the game to crash when thirst is disabled but stamina isn't.


  • Added support for displaying thirst ranges beyond 10 droplets.


  • Added rain hat and rain coat, of which negates 1 point of wetness chill per item.
    Added textures for the wet gear.
    Added woolen socks, costing half the wool and providing some basic temperature benefits but at the cost of double wetness penalty.



  • Added a the ability for mod developers to dynamically change your maximum thirst.


    Apologies for the long wait period. A lot of the system had to be rewritten in order to make the public API easier to understand.


    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that occurs when you have wool armor equipped, where you always have the wetness penalty.



    • Added Recipes for Woolen Armor
    • Added Localization to Woolen Armor



    • Added option to change rot-tick rate for item rotting.
    • Added option to change the tick-rate for player thirst.
    • Added option to change player's maximum thirst.



    • Added a powerful public API alongside full documentation.

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