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 Material Elements: Decorative

Material Elements Decorative adds new decorative blocks and items for your world based on Material Elements.

It use the material and elements from Material Elements for crafting and Material Elements: Panels, Plates and Slabs, but supports alternative / other material and elements from other mods as well.


🧪 Will you release a x.y version for this mod or are you planning to support other mod loader like fabric ?

I tried to update several version at the same time in the past, unfortunately this doesn't worked very great. It took me a loot of time for the conversion instead of spending my time in fixing existing bugs or implementing new features. For this reason I decided I will not downgrade my mods to any legacy versions or providing any release (maybe for testing) for a beta version of forge.

This means similar to Create and Mekansim, you need to wait until a new version is considered a "release" version. Former versions are handled by a best-effort base or if there are any critical bugs (please report them over the issue link).

More Information

Please take a look at the images tab and check https://github.com/MarkusBordihn/BOs-Material-Elements/blob/main/decorative/README.md for additional information.

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