Mario Mod 2

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Mario Mod 2 is a mod heavily inspired by the original Super Mario Mod by Jimboom7. This mod adds in Super Mario-themed blocks and items to the world of which some have unique functionality.


The Mario Maker is used to craft blocks that can be used for decoration and a few functional items. It also has full support for JEI and CraftTweaker!


Pipes can be used to teleport across great distances and even across dimensions! To make a pipe, place 8 pipe blocks in a 2x2x2 cube, then right-click on the top left block of the side you want the opening to be on. If done correctly, the textures will fix themselves and you have formed a pipe! In order to link two pipes together, you'll need to craft a Pipe Link. Once you have that, right click on one pipe, then the other. The pipes are now linked! Note, if the top of the pipe is the opening, you'll have to sneak to trigger the teleport (mobs and other entities don't have to sneak). Here is an older video showing how to use pipes (ignore missing textures, video was recorded while I was working on pipes)


Question Mark blocks spawn randomly in the world and hold items that can help you on your way. Jump into the bottom of them to get the item out!


Note Blocks spawn on the ground all over the world. Jump on top to bounce into the air! If you land on a Note Block multiple times, it will send you higher into the air every time!


Castles also spawn all over the world. They are currently just for looks, but they will have a purpose in the future.



All enemies now drop coins! Only normal coins are used currently, but the other coins (green, blue, red, wither, dragon) will have uses in the future.


Coins can be made by placing a Gold Ingot into the Mario Maker, and can be crafted into nuggets if you don't need as many coins. Do note that you will lose a bit of Gold doing this (one Ingot gives 2 Coins, one Coin gives one Nugget). This is to help limit how much Gold you can make with Coins dropped by mobs. Coins can be right-clicked to store them into a Coin counter (shown in the bottom-left of the screen). You can get coins back using the Mario Maker.


For sneak peaks of upcoming features, check out the developer preview playlist!


CraftTweaker Methods

mods.mario2.MarioMaker.addShaped(ItemStack, Ingredient) - Adds a shaped recipe

mods.mario2.MarioMaker.addShapedCoin(ItemStack, <number>, Ingredient) - Adds a shaped coin recipe

mods.mario2.MarioMaker.addShapeless(ItemStack, Ingredient) - Adds a shapeless recipe

mods.mario2.MarioMaker.addShapelessCoin(ItemStack, <number>, Ingredient) - Adds a shapeless coin recipe

mods.mario2.MarioMaker.removeShaped(ItemStack) - Removes any shaped recipes that have the provided output

mods.mario2.MarioMaker.removeShapedCoin(ItemStack) - Removes any shaped coin recipes that have the provided output

mods.mario2.MarioMaker.removeShapeless(ItemStack) - Removes any shapeless recipes that have the provided output

mods.mario2.MarioMaker.removeShapelessCoin(ItemStack) - Removes any shapeless coin recipes that have the provided output

mods.mario2.MarioMaker.removeAll() - Removes all recipes for the Mario Maker


The mod is still in heavy development with features still being added.

Requires RayCore, my library mod.


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