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This mod is an addon for Journey Map that allows you to divide the map into regions and assign them names and colors.



To create and manage frontiers you have to use a Frontier Book. When you open a book for the first time, it will be assigned to the current dimension and will allow you to create your first frontier. It also provides some data and an image.

In creative mode you can find the book in the tools tab.

You can craft it with this recipe:



Current limitations

  • Doesn't support frontiers that intersect themselves.
  • Sometimes frontiers disappear (bug in JourneyMap 1.12). Opening the book usually fixes the problem.


New version 1.1.0

Now it can be used in multiplayer (servers and LAN). All players and server need to have the mod. It does not yet have a permission system, all players connected to the server can modify and remove all frontiers.


Need Journey Map 1.12.2-5.7.0.


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