353 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 21, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

1.0.3 Description: ManyThings is a mod with many new swords , ores and craft , you can mine Adamantite , Non-identified ore , Gadium and Irys ore
​you can craft 4 new armor , obsidian armor , bone armor ,Iry armor and non-identified armor
​you can craft 5 sword and an WarAxe 
​there is a new bow , the lost bow , craftable with Gadium ore , and his gadium arrow 
​2 new pickaxe , 1 shovel , 1 axe
​a block of rotten flesh , a kebab 
​you can found on the map some plants and Acid lakes (many sorry)

Lag correction
add magic Block

add 2 mobs , GoldenExperien Boss , Neon Wither

Neon Block
ThisWayBlock (showing a way)
Neon Water (light)

Neon Bucket

SuperLightingBlock (white block doing light)

and new items in mineshafts

Lag correction





Neon Wither deleted

Lag correction





adding 5 structures (underwater or on the ground)

adding 5 mobs ( Mummy , Fire Zombie , Crab , Fire fish , Rat)


and a new Tnt , Crate TNT (bigger explosion that the original Tnt)




New Biome : Non identified Biome


22 new craft (check the images for all crafts)


3 new mobs , scorpion , poison spider (give effect poison if the spider attack you) and Admin Spider (surprise)


13 new items and 1 armor !


ores are more rares and mobs are not cool


lag correction !




3 New Mobs

1 New biome : Pink biome


foods : egg in a bowl (check images) , cherry , fries (check images)


5 new sword (a ruler , i don't know why)


check images for all crafts


lag correction





BIG UPDATE (again)


2 new dimensions!


Pink Dimension , Non-indentified Dimension (check image for igniter craft and the portal)


5 new mobs : Terrorist , Infected Villager , Panda , another Pig  and a Boar


all mobs are reinforced


4 new plants , 4 new foods


the gunpowder block is now craftable!


Super Light Sword , Super Irys PickAxe , Non-identified Diamond Pickaxe


Obsidian sword , Pickaxe , axe , shovel and hoe! 


a new ore! Plasmanite , armor , sword , pickaxe , axe , shovel , hoe , Plasmanite Instable / Stable block , ingot! (its the most powerful ore in the mod!)


Lag Correction !


Check image for all recipes !






Plasmanite Ore reskin!


neon rod deleted 


joint + weed + ocb paper + ocb , deleted 


2 dimensions are deleted (cause of crash games )


new liquid : Petrol 


item : Plastic , RGB keyboard Corsair K55 (sword) 


and 2 succes !


many lag correction


all ores are in the overworld !


check images for all recipes!






Plastic sword 


Plastic Pickaxe


Plastic Axe


Plastic Shovel


Plastic Hoe


1.12.2 and 1.14.4


check images for all recipes




1.12.2 and 1.14.4


please play with Just Enough Item for all craft and for see all blocks , weapons etc


because i delete many blocks and other things in my mods


lag correction


2 biomes deleted 


Irys and Gadium block are now craftable!


many new craft (use Just Enough Item )


Plasmanite is more easy to find !


Lost Bow deleted 


Gadium arrow deleted 


Check images for all recipes !




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