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Filename Mantle-1.16.5-1.6.123.jar
Uploaded by KnightMiner
Uploaded Aug 25, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +9
Size 725.49 KB
Downloads 1,119,197
MD5 b9decb75bdca3fa22831480a1a936791
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Tag preference improvements

  • Improve caching of ItemOutput to reduce lookup time within IRecipe
  • Switch a crash for tags being uncachable to a logged error
  • Make registry ID a fallback for equal mod ID preference


  • Added LogicHelper with a couple utilities for common ternaries
  • Added JsonHelper.parseColor to parse a 6 or 8 digit hexadecimal string into a integer color
  • Added JsonHelper.getResourceLocation to parse a resource location from JSON
  • Fix SingleItemHandler not allowing hopper input beyond 1 item


  • Added MantleItemLayerModel (registered as mantle:item_layer). Improves the vanilla item layer by adding a non-tint color option, a no tint option, and a luminosity option. Can be used by other loaders (e.g. tinkers tool model) to add tinted and luminosity elements
  • Ported NBTKeyModel (registered as mantle:nbt_key) from Tinkers. Allows a model to switch between a set of textures based on a string tag in NBT, plus more variants can be registered
  • Added ColoredBlockModel (registered as mantle:colored_block). Allows non-tint colors and luminosity to be set for block style models