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This mod was inspired by Runew0lf's awesome streams and so it was my duty to make this mod come to live.

The mod adds those by default

  • The Plain dyeable Mankini: simple yet elegant and dyeable so it fits all moods and fashions.
  • The So Kawaii Mankini: Kawaii.
  • The Aetheric Angelic Mankini Thingy: The most amazing thing of all amazing stuff that amazed your amazingness in your life to the point you will be so amazed by it's amazing amazingness. (Creative mode only currently)
  • The Batty Mankini! Why kill bats when you can stuff em in a mankini and use them to jump!!?? 


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Have you never laid your eyes upon the blessing that is a large hairy man in a stretch of fabric barely large enough to make a wristband? You sir, have not lived life. (Boolyman -2018)



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