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The latest update for 1.20.1 is out; there is some new content along with several bug fixes for issues that were brought to my attention.
This time, The new content is small--it's just a couple of items and one block. There is now a raw ham food item that drops from pigs and hoglins; you can cook it in a furnace and eat it--or, it can be crafted into a ham dinner decoration block, just like the poultry dinner block.
I also fixed many bugs, so things should run much more smoothly for you. As always, I appreciate it when you guys notify me if something's broken--I want you to have an enjoyable experience, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you find an issue! I do all of this by myself and I also stay super busy, so bugs do happen. I apologize for that and I strive to fix them as quickly as my time allows, and I really appreciate your patience! :) 

Thanks for bearing with me, and thanks for choosing my mod! Happiest of Holidays to you all! 





My apologies for the down website. I've had so much traffic that it exceeded my limit and they shut me down. I'm working on a new one and will be finishing it as soon as my finals are done. If you have questions about the content, please join the discord below, or send me a pm in here, thanks! So sorry for the inconvenience! <3


Geckolib is required to run this mod. You can find it here:




Maiden's MerryMaking is a festive Christmas and Holiday mod that adds content to your Minecraft world so that you can celebrate your favorite holidays in-game!


Find blocks, items, mobs, achievements, and more that add some festive fun to your world!


My Discord Server:



I have made a small website with a guide and information about the mod. I'll be updating/upgrading this in the future, but everything including the most recent content is on there now. I hope this can answer questions about how to make items or where to find things like the cooking ingredients and crop starter seeds. And as usual, if you have trouble, give me a shout on here, or I've put a contact information page up on that site as well. 





Holiday Season 2022 content is out for 1.19.2!  Other versions will follow over the next day or two.

New Content:


  • White Christmas trees that can be decorated in the same manner as the original ones: 

To create the white tree, combine a Christmas Tree item with a piece of white dye in a crafting table. Place into a tree stand and decorate as usual, but now you also have Berry Garland in addition to the lights and ornaments!




  • Sweet Berry Garland for the Christmas trees:

To craft, smelt some sweet berries in a furnace. Place a piece of string in the center of a crafting table, and surround it completely with dried berries. That will make the berry garland item.




  • -All of the pine planks can be made into the holiday blocks such as doors with wreaths, fireplace mantels, decorated fences, etc. The recipes are identical to the other wood varieties.
  • -Quartz Platter decoration block (used for dinner platter, but can be placed down as a plate if you want) To craft: Place 2 pieces of quartz (item) next to each other in a crafting table, just like a pressure plate recipe.


  • -Mantels can be decorated with Garland. The top corners can support either a horizontal garland or a corner garland. The legs will support only a vertical garland. Stockings can still be placed in addition to the garland.



  • Poultry Dinner block (decorative only for now, but that may change in the future)

 To craft, combine a cooked chicken, carrot, potato, sweet potato, corn, beetroot and a Quartz Platter in a crafting table.


  • -Mobs can be found wearing Ugly Sweaters and Santa hats. Zombies, Skeletons, Zombie Pilins, and Creepers are all getting into the Holiday Spirit!


Enjoy, and Happy Holidays, everyone! :)



Winter Holiday Content:

Festive lights of several types


Decorative garlands and wreaths


Lamp posts that you can place a torch inside and decorate with either a wreath or a bow


Doors with wreaths


A new type of fence that can be decorated with garland and wreaths


Walls that can be decorated with garland and wreaths


Fireplace Mantels that you can hang a stocking on


Small mantel decorations that sit on top of the mantels


Stairs and slabs that can be decorated with roof tiles--which turn to snow covered roofs when hit with a snowball!


Small spruce trees that can be chopped down and decorated with ornaments, and topped with either a bow or a star


Presents that when broken, drop gifts for you


Ugly Christmas Armor in 2 colors, but can be mixed and matched for ultimate cringe factor


Crops for food items--corn,mint, sweet potato and ginger


Festive foods


Some blocks and items for Kwanzaa: Mkeka, Kinara, Chalice, corn, sweet potato, harvest tray


Some blocks and items for Hanukkah: Menora, dreidel, gelt, rugelach


Leaves with lights


Two holiday music discs


St. Patrick's Content:

Green beer


Glass mug


Clover plant


Four-Leaf Clover


Several Achievements


Easter Content:

Easter Baskets: contain goodies and have a small chance to spawn a colored bunny that you can tame as a pet!


Easter Card: found in dusty old dungeons. Maybe there's still something inside...


Bunny Costume: crafted from Angora Wool, which is only found in Easter Baskets


Easter Egg Decorations: find these throughout the world. Collect them all for achievements and a prize!


Easter flowers: Hydrangea, Hyacinth and Easter Lily


Easter treat: Chocolate bunnies!


Easter Bunnies: Various sizes and colors come in Easter baskets, but normal sized ones can be spawned from eggs.


Easter Chickens: Yellow chickens that drop colored eggs.


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Geckolib is now required to run this mod. You can find it here: