Mahou Tsukai

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Filename mahoutsukai-1.16.5-v1.30.0.jar
Uploaded by stepcros
Uploaded Apr 25, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
Size 2.76 MB
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MD5 5492a40acf16072e5cb14650d59cf161
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- damage immunity and geas cancelling damage no longer consumes damage exchange stacks, among other things
- added mystic code enchant blacklist config
- removed glove from mystic code model

- added keybind with some color settings
- souls now drain themselves every 5 seconds if the current mana + regen is less than the amount held souls cost.
- fix fog on lake not properly syncing to client
- fix butterfly effect not doing right amount of damage
- guidebook should now remember your page
- weapon projectile bow now takes projections first (except when user is holding a tool/weapon in off hand)
- alarm boundary now tells you the name of whatever entered the boundary
- fixed rho aias's hitbox to properly block most projectiles
- rho aias should now offers protection to entities with in its radius from most explosions, regardless of which direction the explosion comes from (i.e. even if rho aias is not between the entity and the explosion. may change this later if it seems feasible without much lag). this includes mystic staff beam mode, though rho aias will not stop the beam - only protect blocks and mobs from it in the radius of the shield