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This mod is the rewrite and continuation of MagicBooks which can be found here.

MagicBooks2 is finally here! This mod is in no way finished, I have decided to do a release now because I will have less time for development in the future and I do not want to make people wait for a release for too long. Anyway, on to the new things!



  • Book Of Air - Right click to earn an air skill point
  • Book Of Earth - Right click to earn an earth skill point
  • Book Of Fire - Right click to earn a fire skill point
  • Book Of Water - Right click to earn a water skill point
  • Book Of Arcane - Right click to earn an arcane skill point
  • Magic Book - Open the spells GUI, click on spell icons to unlock spells with skill points
  • Spell Bag - Large inventory just for storing spells
  • Shards - Mined from their respective ores and used in crafting recipes and creating mana
  • Wands - Right click to cast an unlocked spell when a spell item is in the hot-bar slot to the left of the wand, the element of the wand and the element of the spell must match
  • Pickaxe Of The Air - When the player is infused with air mana this pickaxe also acts as a magnet using the wind to sweep items towards them
  • Pickaxe Of The Earth - Mines in a large area when the player is infused with earth mana
  • Pickaxe Of Fire - Autosmelts ores when the player is infused with fire mana
  • Pickaxe Of Water - Replaces mined obsidian with water when player is infused with water mana
  • Axes - All axes are currently just good durability and speed tools. They will gain special abilities in the future
  • Crystal Linker - Used only to link crystals of the same element to each other


  • Greater Crystals - Insert shard of matching element in GUI to generate mana
  • Crystals - Used to transport mana, have no GUI, automatically connect to closest greater crystal
  • Pedestals - Used in the rituals to make blocks/items
  • Shard Blocks - Used as a crafting component and storage block
  • Mana Pad - Stand on a mana pad to infuse mana into player. This is how you gain mana to cast spells and use the special abilities of tools. Mana pads will automatically drain mana from the nearest crystal
  • Ores - Mine the shard ores to obtain shards



  • Lightning Spell - Cast this to smite the looked at block/entity
  • Invisibility Spell - Cast this to make yourself invisible


  • Grow Spell - Cast on crops to make them grow faster
  • Wall Spell - Summon a wall of earth wall blocks in front of you, these blocks will then disappear after a short amount of time


  • Fireblast - Set all mobs in the surrounding area on fire


  • Bubble - Be completely invulnerable for a few seconds


All runes automatically pull mana from the nearest crystal matching their element

  • Rune Of Drowning - Will deal drowning damage to mobs on top and prevent them from moving
  • Rune Of Lumber - Cuts down surrounding trees using earth mana. Place an adjacent inventory to store items in it

 Crafting ritual:

The layout for the crafting ritual is as follows:


Crafting Ritual Layout


The air pedestal faces East and the gap between all the crystals and pedestals is 2 blocks.

All crafting ritual recipes are present in JEI. The format is that the top slot is the air pedestal and the other slots are in their relative positions according to the ritual in the world. The number above each slot is the mana for each element required in the respective crystal for the ritual to be successful.

Note that the position of the greater crystals is not important. It is only important that the normal crystals and pedestals are placed correctly.


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