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Magic Arsenal


Magic Arsenal adds many utility, technological, and magical items to enhance and advance gameplay. This mod grants the user assets such as dart guns and implants to use in combination with captured mobs.


Current Technology:

Dart Gun - Iron, Gold, Diamond, Netherite variants. Used to propel darts. Right-Click to 'zoom'. Hold right-mouse-button to switch darts. Left-Click to fire dart. Higher variants increase durability, fire speed, and impact effects.

Headset - Required to use GPS+ modifier. Shift to view darts with GPS+ modifier in world.  

Intravenous Implant - Iron, Gold, Diamond, Netherite variants. Used to inject filled capsules. Hold injects ('R') to switch capsules. Release injects ('R') to consume capsule. Higher variants increase durability, and injection effects.

Blockugan - Iron, Gold, Diamond, Netherite variants. Can be created with any entity. To enter entity, wear a 'Headset' and right-click (no sneak). In possession of entity, press inject ('R') to use inject power. Left-click to shoot entity dart. Higher variants increase health, efficiency, and damage.


For contact, documentation, requests, visit our website or join our discord.


Uses Curios Support.


Visit our Getting Started Documentation to learn how to start at:


Note: Please join our discord for access to other documentation, or to ask questions. 


See Demo:




Magic Arsenal Website


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If you receive an IllegalStateException upon launch, it is because Curios has been self-installed. Chech your "/mods" folder to see if curios has been correctly installed and restart the Minecraft Forge launcher.