Magical Pods

919 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 21, 2015 Game Version: 1.8

These MagicalPods Are Very Useful


MagicalPods Mod Adds In A New Epic RPG Layout With Pods


MagicalPods Mods Include: Healing Pod, Major Healing Pod, Essence Pod, Shielding Pod, Speed Pod, Berserker Pod, Essence Crate, Essence And The MagicalPods Creative Tab.


To Break A Essence Crate Use A Shovel, That Way You Can Pry It open




*Please Use NEI For The Recipes


Future Updates Include:

1. Updating To MineCraft 1.8.8

2. Updating Mod Info File URL


Mod Showcase By: TrollenBros



Thanks TrollenBros For The Showcase, I'll Be Adding A Liquid Essence To The New 1.8 Version Of The Mod


MagicalPods 1.5 1.8.0 Features:


1. Liquid Essence Which Can Be Made By Smelting A Water Bucket

2. Essence In A Bucket Can Be Crafted By 1 Bucket And 1 Essence(Liquid Essence)

3. Pod Recipes Have Changed

4. Added A URL To The Mod Info File

5. Essence Crate Drops Essence In A Bucket On Break


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