The mod adds new variations of the lantern block which can be crafted at a lantern maker altar. Every lantern type has a special effect like increase crop growth, withering, slowing nearby mobs, and many more! To get started with the mod you will need to craft "Lantern Codex" which gives information about each lantern (crafting ingredients and effects) after gathering all the ingredients and putting them into an altar you can place a vanilla lantern on top to complete the crafting process!

This is a fabric mod!

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There seems to be a conflict between magical lanterns and another mod so in case the book doesn't open for you here are the recipes:
Life Lantern : egg + melon (block) + golden apple + sugar cane + bone meal

Feral Lantern : glowstone + jack-o-lantern + fire charge + blaze powder + gold ingot

Love Lantern : diamond + rabbit foot + golden carrot + beetroot + life lantern + honey bottle
Wailing Lantern : ghast tear + warped roots + flint + pufferfish + ink sac
Boreal Lantern : cobweb + snowball + packed ice + quartz
Brilliant Lantern : shulker shell + paper + snowball + phantom membrane
Warding Lantern : warped fungus + pufferfish + iron door + obsidian

Containment Lantern : warding lantern + fishing rod + cobweb + chain

Withering Lantern : wither rose + soul sand + firework star+ coal
Cloud Lantern : phantom membrane + soul torch + snow block + white wool


Here is a short run-down of the mod made by Flammango: