Magic Mirrors

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This mod adds an item called Magic Mirror that allows the player to teleport from any location to his bed. You are required to use the bed before you can teleport!

Magic Mirrors cannot be crafted (configurable), they can be found in chests around the world, and in other dimensions!

To travel from other dimensions, you have to find Dimensional Mirror, or Dimension Crystal and craft regular Mirrors into Dimensional Mirrors!

To Craft Dimensional Mirrors, you need Regular Mirror, Ender Pearl and Dimension Crystal placed Horizontally in the crafting table.


Magic Mirror recipes and item ingredients are disabled by default, you can enable them in configs.




     -Brazilian Portuguese translation by MichaelLimaRodrigues


Planned features:

     -Custom particles,

     -Recall potion (Will probably be separated into its own mod)

     -More configuration options


Modpack usage:

     -You are allowed to use this mod in your modpacks. It would be appreciated if you put a link to your modpack in the comment section of this mod!


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If you have any issues or encounter errors, please submit an issue on Github project page!


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