Maggot Cheese Mod

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Are you ever mining, crafting, or doing whatever a Minecrafter does nowadays, and you just think to yourself "I wish there was Maggot Cheese in minecraft!"? If you need a hotline for your feelings about needing Maggot Cheese in Minecraft or you are just browsing mods, you have come to the right place.

The Maggot Cheese Mod adds new recipes, blocks, foods, and items, including:

- Maggot Cheese foods, such as Maggot Cheese, Crispy Maggot Cheese, Burnt Maggot Cheese, and you guessed it (or not), Ashes. Ashes cannot be eaten, while the other Maggot Cheeses can, and will have unique effects on your hunger bar.

- A new ore, called Maggot Cheese Ore, which will be how you obtain your very own Maggot Cheese in your very own world!

-A new crop, which allows you to grow your very own Maggot Cheese at the safety of your own base!

- Crafting recipes, including one for gunpowder! However, we don't want to spoil anything for the serious hardcore gamers who are way better than us and like to find out the recipes for themselves. So if you would like to see the recipes, click the Show Spoiler down below. Smelting, Smoking, and Blast Furnace(ing?) recipes also shown under these spoilers.

And more to come in the future, so stay tuned and bookmark the Maggot Cheese Mod for future updates!


1 Gunpowder:

1 Ashes, 1 Charcoal


1 Maggot Cheese:

1 Maggot Cheese Ore in either Furnace or Blast Furnace. Maggot Cheese can also be obtained by mining Maggot Cheese Ore with a pickaxe that doesn't have silk touch on it


1 Crispy Maggot Cheese:

1 Maggot Cheese in either Furnace or Smoker


1 Burnt Maggot Cheese:

1 Crispy Maggot Cheese in either Furnace or Smoker


1 Ashes:

1 Burnt Maggot Cheese in either Furnace or Smoker


1 Maggot Seeds:

1 Maggot Cheese anywhere in a crafting table results in Maggot Seeds


9 Maggot Cheese:

One block of maggot cheese makes 9 maggot cheese

1 Block of Maggot Cheese:

9 maggot cheese makes 1 maggot cheese block

1 Block of Cheese:

Nine cheese makes one cheese block

9 Cheese:

1 cheese block makes 9 cheese



Now, you may be wondering, "This is to good to be true! A Maggot Cheese Mod for Minecraft! How much will my bank/credit card holder let me pay the authors before they call the cops?!?!?!?!" Alright, alright. You can put your credit cards and money bags down, we won't ask for much. Alls we ask for is you to share the mod with others, either on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Discord, MySpace, AOL Instant Messaging, Xbox 360 Chat, Nintendo Streetpass for your 3DS, 21st century fridges and washing machines, or even your very own mailbox with four dusty electric bills for the people who lived in your house 20 years before you did!


Make sure to share the mod and have fun with it! New updates whenever I can work on the mod, and I'm sorry if updates take a while as I'm still in school and "Maggot Cheese Mod CEO" isn't considered a career. Yet...



Coding -- LandoSpuk

Texturing -- ThatOneBeaner124


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