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Filename mcw-windows-2.0.0-mc1.17.1.jar
Uploaded by sketch_macaw
Uploaded Aug 30, 2021
Game Version 1.17.1   +1
Size 758.17 KB
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MD5 57a1a4a915746fcd168d712db68dd2b8
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Supported Minecraft 1.17 Versions


- New placing system which enables to make 1x1 windows/blinds/slits as tall as desired.
- Mosaic Glass Blocks (16 Colors, they can interact with beacon)
- Mosaic Glass Panes (16 Colors, they can interact with beacon)


Sounds added:
- Window open/close
- Blinds toggle
- Gothic Window open/close


- Windows now have a full hitbox when opened, projectiles can still go through it.
- Hammer is no longer needed to toggle the iron bars on gothic windows, instead
just shift+click an empty hand to toggle it.
- When you right click with a hammer, the windows state will toggle to the basic 1x1,
which can be useful if don't want your windows to connect all the way up.
- Everything attached to the block you are aiming will toggle on right click, meaning
you can toggle multiple blinds/windows by one click.
- Improved the texture for the two window items, so you can better see them using JEI
- Renamed Bar windows to Grille windows


- Tall Blocks, they are no longer needed since from now on you can just stack up the
window to any size you want.


Fixed Issues:
- Windows glitch from distance (optifine)
- Door opening bug (now a feature)
- Bad description for some windows
- Tall blinds drop as items when breaking them in creative mode