Lyra's Magnificent Trinkets

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Uploaded Aug 27, 2015
Game Version 1.7.10   +2
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V0.7 - The 'Did Someone Call The Exterminator?' Update
FIX: Dupe bug when crafting Sinister Stones
CHANGE: Buffed Bloodmoon Armour
INFO: Now gives strength 3 instead of just strength 1.
CHANGE: Icarium Armour no longer gives flight. Instead gives jump boost
INFO: This is due to flight derps. This will be moved to a later item or armour set. Enjoy jumping, you crazy rabbit.
CHANGE: Now uses conventional naming for updates instead of calling each update the 'blank' update in the program
NOTE: As it turns out, it should work fine on servers. I am just a dunce and forgot to check the EULA when testing on a server >.>