Colds: Lurker (FORGE)

92,716 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 14, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

The Lurker 

Standing just 1 Block tall, this creepy little guy can cause quite a lot of chaos.


You'll be able to find him in the End,  the Nether, and the Overworld (Spawns at Night, but don't think daylight will save you!).


His Ghastly call will haunt your dreams!


His Special Ability "Lurker Clone" gives him a chance to instantly clone himself when he is harmed.  This clone will appear with the same Health as the Lurker who was cloned.


His time in the end has also granted him the ability to teleport.


When a Lurker is exposed to Daylight, it'll change into it's "Stone Form" which will cause the Lurker to hit harder, but it can no longer Clone Itself!


Veterans should have no trouble dispatching him and his clones, but new comers BEWARE!!!




Now you have a CONFIG FILE which you can use to adjust various "Spawn" settings!


Added additional Biome Specific Textures with Biome Specific Loot as well.


All Lurkers can drop Lurker Scraps, Ender Pearls, and (If set in the Config) The Ender Sword which you can use to teleport!







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