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Lure is a mod which overhauls the vanilla mob spawning system. Expect to see a massively higher amount of monsters aswell as almost no pre-existing land creatures, which are obtained instead by the player constructing suitable conditions that will lure the mob to spawning. It does not affect modded mob spawns or fish.

Warning: This mod is **EXTREMELY** difficult.

Creature spawn conditions consist of two factors:
- The floor: This is the block the mob requires to spawn ontop of. (ex. pigs need mud)
- The surroundings: The blocks directly next to the floor must have 1-4 of the surrounding block ontop of them. (ex. pigs need 1x carrot plant)

Creature Spawn Conditions:

- x1 Carrots > Pig
- x1 Mangrove Roots > Frog

Grass Block:
- x1 Wheat > Sheep
- x4 Grass / Tall Grass > Chicken
- x1 Carrots > Rabbit
- x2 Jungle Leaves > Ocelot
- x1 Hay Block > Horse

- x1 Wheat > Mooshroom

Packed Mud:
- x1 Wheat > Cow
- x1 Hay Block > Donkey

- x1 Sweet Berry Bush > Fox
- x1 Bamboo > Panda
- x1 Fern > Wolf

Snow Block:
- x4 Air > Polar Bear
- x1 Carrots > Rabbit

- x4 Air > Polar Bear

- x1 Carrots > Rabbit

Jungle Leaves:
- x4 Air > Parrot

- x1 Wheat > Goat

- x4 Air > Strider (Nether Exclusive)


Monster spawns are based on the current moon phase. Different monsters spawn on different moon phases. Drowned spawn in water, regardless of biome; All other hostile mobs that have biome limitations still respect those limitations.

Monster Spawn Phases: 

Full Moon:
- Zombie, Zombie Villager, Drowned, Husk, Spider, Skeleton, Stray, Creeper, Enderman, Witch, Zombified Piglin, Piglin, Hoglin, Ghast, Slime.

Waning Gibbous:
- Zombie, Zombie Villager, Drowned, Husk

Last Quarter:
- Spider

Waning Crescent:
- Skeleton, Stray

New Moon:
- Creeper

Waxing Crescent:
- Zombie, Zombie Villager, Drowned, Husk

First Quarter:
- Enderman

Waxing Gibbous:
- Witch


This mod may be used in any modpack.

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