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Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms is a simple mod which adds in magical charms similar to Inventory Pets. Each charm gives the player helpful effects.


Feel free to use this mod in your modpacks. Please leave any suggestions in the comments.


Fabric Mod available here: Lucky Charms |Fabric


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Current Features

  • Gold Charm - Used to craft the other charms
  • Squid Charm - Gives Water Breathing when in inventory
  • Cow Charm - Removes all negative potion effects when in inventory
  • Dolphin Charm - Gives Dolphin's Grace and Conduit Power when in inventory
  • Chicken Charm- Gives Slow Falling when in inventory
  • Shulker Charm - Gives a few seconds of Levitation when used
  • Frog Charm - Gives Jump Boost when in inventory
  • Warden Charm - Gives Strength, Speed, Resistance and Blindness when in inventory
  • Nether Charm - Gives Fire Resistance when in inventory
  • Villager Charm - Gives Village Hero when in inventory
  • Lucky Charm - Gives Luck when in inventory
  • Leprechauns - These small mobs love Gold and will trade one Gold Charm for one gold block. Interact with leprechauns while holding a Gold Blockin your main hand to trade.
  • Leprechaun Houses - These structures will generate in Plains biomes and come with 2 leprechauns inside.




Crafting Recipes