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LotTweaks adds some tweaks for builders to increase productivity in Creative mode


  • Extend range of breaking/placing/picking blocks (up to 100+ blocks away!)


  • Create block-groups and rotate




  • 'AdjustRange' key (Client + Server-side installation required)

  ・Press to adjust the max distance of placing/breaking blocks.
  ・This feature may not work on the server which is not a pure forge build (like bukkit-integrated servers).

  • 'Rotate' key (Client-side feature)

  ・Press + wheel to swap the current block to the next block in the same block-group.
  ・Block-groups can be determined by a config or added by /lottweaks add command. 

  • 'Replace' key (Client + Server-side installation required)

・Replace the block you're looking by the block in your main hand.

  • 'Ex Pick' key (Client-side feature)

・Extended 'Pick block' (up to 100+ blocks away)
・Long press + wheel to pick 'near' blocks. 


`/lottweaks add` (Client)

  ・Register blocks in your hotbar as a new block-group.

  ・This is an experimental feature.

  ・To register as sub-group, use `/lottweaks add 2` (LT v2.0.4+ is required)


`/lottweaks reload` (Client)

Reload block-groups from config file.
This is an experimental feature.

Available Versions and Features


Version  [AdjustRange]   [Rotate]   [Replace]   [ExPick]   [Commands]   [GeneralConfig]   [BlockGroupConfig] 
1.12.2 Forge
1.15.2 Forge
1.16.4 Forge
1.16.4 Fabric -


Change log

  • 2.0.x : Now 'Rotate' supports items.
  • 1.3.x : Fixed connection issue (Modded clients couldn't connect to vanilla servers)




'AdjustRange' / 'Replace' doesn't work!

  Check if the same version of this mod has been installed on the server side.

Does this mod work with a block added by other mods?

  Maybe yes, as long as it is a simple block, but not supported.

How can I change the block-groups?

  1. Edit a config file directly and save it.

  2. Use `/lottweaks reload` command to reload from the config file.

  3. If an error is detected, check the log to see which line in the config file is not valid.

  • How can I reset my config file?

  1. Delete the config file (`LotTweaks-BlockGroups.txt`).

  2. Relaunch Minecraft.

  3. A default config file will be created.

Can I distribute a Block-Group config file that I edited?




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