Lot's More Food [Forge Edition]

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Have you ever thought what if Minecraft had more food? Well, you came to the right place! This mod adds 200+ foods to grow, craft, and eat! Lot's More Food comes in 3 editions; Datapack Edition, Forge Edition, and Bedrock Edition

Note to 1.12 users

Lot's More Food will not be ported to older versions. This is because LMF recipes use newer items. I.e. Sweet Berries, Glow Berries, etc which do not exist meaning most items will need to be removed, or their recipes to be changed, or vanilla Minecraft features backported which is just too much just to support an old version. Not to mention the bushes reference vanilla Minecraft bushes meaning bushes will also need to be completely rewritten. Plus there are already plenty of other great food mods for 1.12


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Other Links

How to Get The Food:


For creative you can use the creative tab or use /give @p morefood:<item>


You can craft all the items by using the Minecraft Crafting Table, But right now plants will not generate around the world

Help us translate Lot's More Food!

If you know another language (Including English) help us translate Lot's More Food to make it available to more people across the globe!

GitHub Repo


How to craft the food?

Use the regular crafting table to craft all the items

Can I install this on my server?

If you want to use this on your server ask Legopitstop via Discord for permission

What do I do if I found an issue?

If you found an issue the best thing you can do is submit a bug report (above)

How to get the fruits/veggies?

Right now plants will not generate around the world yet.

Do you have a list of all the foods this adds?

Yes, you can find a full list of all the items this adds via the Offical Lot's More Food Mod Wiki

Do you plan on porting this to older versions? I.e; 1.12

I don't plan on porting this to older, outdated versions, It's best to stick with using the latest version of Minecraft

Other Editions

Below you can find all the trusted and up-to-date downloads for each edition.

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