Lorem Lucis

1,368 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 26, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10
this mods adds a block that on activation gives you a random effect (positive or negative) it also looks cool and spins o.O
effect list:
        positive effects:
               spawn 1 ore type (iron, gold, lapis lazuli, nether quartz, redstone or diamond)
               add health to player (amount varies based on how much health you have,  with full health it'll give you another positive effect)
               waterbreathing for one minute
               fire resistance for two minutes
               regeneration for one minute
               nightvision for one minute
               speed boost and jump boost for 30 seconds 
               spawn a pig
               add five experience levels
                haste for one minute 
                spawn a mycelium block
                add 50 xp points
                spawn a jukebox
       negative effects:
                set health to half a heart
                add ten exhaustion
                minig fatigue for one minute
                hunger for 30 seconds
                wither effect for 10 seconds
                weakness for one minute
                player set on fire for 10 seconds
                spawn a creeper    
                spawn a wither (it has a one in five chance of actually calling it so it has a one in 130 of actually spawning)
                nausea for 30 seconds
                destroy you currently equipped item
more effects are coming soon along with some tools for mapmakers and modders in the big update to Lorem Lucis 2  


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