Lord of Banners (bannerlordlike mod)

713 Downloads Last Updated: May 21, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Mod Türkçedir

Added Lite version


Bannerlordlike mod

recruit soldiers

upgrade to powerfull knight

Battle against blue enemy

Command enormous army

Loot new villages

Use catapult and break castles




    C recruit soldiers - All soldiers send to items in your inventory. Right click on item and release your army


    B Follow me command - All soldier come your back and follow you until release B button


    U Open upgrade screen - use your items for soldier and upgrade army


    Raid castles or find villages and collect valuable items. Stronger castles rared .


    Craft Leader item and use on your army, make more stonger. This item has limited time, use cleverly


    If you lost your soldier items quit world and back. This items give to you from worlds




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