Lord Craft

671,346 Downloads Last Updated: May 28, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Lord Craft is a magic mod based around the concepts introduced in TSON Craft. The general idea here is that you are among a group of humans known as the Lords, the people of this group all have one thing in common, they can all command an element with their will. The leaders of the group known as the Overlords have elected to experiment with you, wiping your mind and leaving you in this strange world.


The mod aims to provide an interesting experience with many systems together to create a comprehensive view of what magic is like in the TSON universe before the corruption of the Overlords. (This event changed many magical items which is the reason why many of the items in TSON Craft appeared less magical and did slightly different things)


Recent video discussing the new things in version 2.3 


A video showcasing an earlier version of the mod is below

 Future Plans:


--Some form of storyline   - The Choice of the Thelos -

--Soul Siphon

--Lord Realms - Nexus and elemental areas

--Dialogue system

--Quest system

--Spell system (being trained properly by the lords) (Partially)

--Boss Battles

--Unique Armour / Weapons / Tools

--Purple Matter


---Lord Craft: Shadow Legacy


Tutorials: Suntanned Duck's



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