Loot Vases

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Loot Vases is a small mod that adds vases that spawn in the Overworld, Nether and End, and drop whatever is inside them once broken. Their contents could be a gold nugget, or maybe some angry leprechaun. Be careful what vase you're looking at before you break it, because it might summon a world-ending entity.



  • Emerald Vase - can be found everywhere but the end. Gives emerald nuggets when broken.
  • Gold Vase - can be found in mesas and in the nether. Gives golden nuggets when broken. Sometimes houses a greedy leprechaun.
  • Cave Vase - can be found in mineshafts and corrupt soul lairs. Gives either an iron nugget, torches, or a hungry cave spider.
  • Diamond Vase - can be found in the end (everywhere except for the dragon island). Gives diamond nuggets, angry endermites, or very rarely, an amethyst nugget.
  • Haunted Vase - can be found in corrupt soul lairs. Sets fire to anything that gets too close. Explodes and releases a Corrupt Soul when broken.
  • Emerald Nugget - self-explanatory
  • Diamond Nugget - self-explanatory
  • Amethyst Nugget - self-explanatory
  • Ender Pearl Shard - self-explanatory
  • Amethyst - extremely rare and powerful resource. Can only be gained from slaying a Corrupt Soul or having a 1% chance of dropping in nugget form from diamond vases. Amethyst is what ender pearls are made of.
  • Amethyst Sword - a sharp and sturdy blade with a 1% chance of conjuring slightly weaker versions of endermen that will fight by your side for a limited time.
  • Amethyst Tools - self-explanatory
  • Amethyst Wand - a ranged weapon that uses levitation pearls as ammo. Projectiles give a mob levitation for a few seconds on impact.
  • Amethyst Armor - gives the wearer speed 2 and jump boost 2.
  • Corrupt Chestplate - a piece of armor with the immense power of the amethyst soul.
  • Heart of Ender - conjures four endermen minions when used.
  • Levitation Pearl - ammunition for Amethyst Wand.
  • Amethyst Soul - obtained from slaying a Corrupt Soul.
  • Leprechaun - a greedy goblin-like creature that will kill any traveler before they steal the gold it stores in it's beard. If you hit it, even if it doesn't die, gold nuggets will slip out of it's beard. Killing it can reward you even better.
  • Enderman Minion - a weaker yet loyal enderman that can be conjured by a magic user to slay enemies.
  • Corrupt Soul - deadly boss that resides inside haunted vases. When summoned, they cause the world to be forced into night and rain. They summon all sorts of other monsters. Corrupt Souls can bring an intense fight that warrants all the preparation in the world.
  • Corrupt Soul Lair - a dungeon in which the haunted vase resides. However, it is crawling with hundreds of monsters that guard it.






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You are free to add this to your modpacks. If you plan on sharing it, please put the link to Loot Vases in the description of you modpack. Same thing goes for making YouTube videos about Loot Vases, but if you do, also put the link to my YouTube channel in the video description.



I'm still trying to learn how to use Java, so I used MCreator to make this since this mod doesn't seem like the kind of mod that needs Java to be good.

This mod was inspired by games like Terraria, Minecraft: Dungeons, and other games that include pots or vases that spawn in the world.

This was also inspired by mods such as Lucky Block, Loot Bags and Megaloot.

The texture for the Amethyst is from the Power Gems mod.

Thanks to Niche Duck for doing a review on this mod which you can find in the showcases section.


If you want to share your ideas, and it fits well enough with the mod to get added, I may add your account to the members for the mod. You can make a video on this mod as long as you put the link to this page in the description. Also, I'll put it on this page if you're okay with it.


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