Loot Bag

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Loot Bag

Every time you kill a monster, there is a 4% chance to drop a loot bag, you can modify the chance in the configuration file

Right-click to open the loot bag to pick up all the loot from a random loot chest or get an extra gift

The list of possible loot table includes:

  • Jungle Temple
  • Woodland Mansion
  • Simple Dungeon
  • Stronghold Library
  • Ruined Portal
  • Desert Pyramid
  • Abandoned Mineshaft
  • Stronghold Corridor
  • Buried Treasure
  • Bastion Treasure
  • End City Treasure
  • Shipwreck Treasure
  • Extra Gift

Many mods can give buff of luck or unluck. The higher the level of luck, the higher the probability of the appearance of treasure-level loot.

Extra Gift can be a practical item, a powerful weapon or something else. Anyway, it won't let you down!

Until now, there are two items in it.



Frost Wand

A magic wand that can generate frost under the feet, frost can last for 15s. This tool can be used to facilitate building in the air or in the water (think about when you want to build a block in the air or in the water, but there is no focus point.

frost wand

In the future, more interesting items such as a key which is able to open a chest remotely would be added into the mod


  • Spawn different loot bag in the different biomes
  • Add more unique and practical items to the loot bag

I want to know how long it takes for ordinary players to get an extra gift, and use this as a basis to set the drop mechanism Please comment on this mod if you have any suggestions for improvement of it. I would be grateful to your idea :D


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