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Note: I make changes pretty constantly so some of this could easily be out of date.


  • Three types of coins, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, each worth 10 of the previous value.
  • Bank systems - Infinite, secure storage of currency. Has a chest-sized storage space for items.
  • Safe Block - a more convenient, local currency storage solution- minus the "permanent security" benefits of the bank.
  • Inter-player Trading via GUI
  • Taxes and income from NPC management


  • Adds Pigman citizens. They are loyal, placid creatures that can produce tax revenue for their landlord
  • Housing Deeds place a 'Citizen Chest' which will spawn a citizen after a short delay
  • Citizens will become more or less happy depending on the house they have been given to live in, the decorations within it, and other factors
  • Citizen happiness determines their eventual productivity, giving income and products once a day!


  • http://i.imgur.com/BvVnrsS.gif
  • Normal players have been substantially weakened in all regards- blocks break slower, health is lower, damage is worse, movement is slower
  • These changes are designed to encourage reliance on other players on a populated server, and maintain the flow of the economy
  • Crafting takes time to complete for quality-based items
  • Farming produces inedible, low-quality foods unless the fields are tended to properly using fertilizer
  • Animals will become sick and unusable if not handled properly and fed regularly


  • Destroyed leaves regrow when near their parent tree
  • Most blocks cannot be destroyed by hand, and require their properly tool to be broken at all
  • Leaves drop sticks when destroyed
  • Sticks can be crafted into planks, then into tools
  • "Wood-type" sticks (Oak Wood Stick, Acacia Wood Stick, etc)
  • Daytime Beds can be used to set a players spawn point without having to sleep in it
  • Chat names are labeled with a players current faction


  • Set of admin-only commands for ensuring server security
  • These tools are not meant to deal with "griefing" only to ensure that players are not cheating and to debug other features


  • Zone protection mod that includes clientside hooks, which allows for a more immersive 'protection' mod.
  • Explosion, firespreading, and mob protection!
  • Meant for use only in fundamentally important server locations.
  • Zone generation takes a long time when first created, but calculations are lightning fast afterwards.
  • Not designed for "average user" usage. Primarily for protecting admin-created structures that make up a servers "setting."


  • Moves the render height for clouds from 128 to 196. It really is that basic.


  • Adds a road block that you can run faster on!
  • Joinable, editable, manageable factions
  • Commandable Warrior Pigmen NPC's- can be equipped with armor/weapons


  • Prevents the player from moving outside the map boundaries (temporary)


 Planned Features


Upcoming features are listed in order of priority, and the list will be updated (probably) infrequently. The list itself is subject to change pretty much whenever I want to change it. Sorry guys, such is the curse of being a casual developer.


  1. Guard NPC's that can defend territory
  2. Redo the skill tree system- more dynamic, less rigid
  3. Limiting player inventory to just the hotbar except when wearing a backpack that slows players down
  4. Ideal server map, including 4 large guildhalls, a grid of claimable territories, player-controlled armies for disputing territories, and NPC territory defenders (from other players and NPCs as well)
  5. Add the Outlands, where, after a certain distance away from the center of the map, hostile mobs become more numerous, dangerous, and unpredictable the further out you go. Expeditions past this distance are extremely deadly, but the rewards are equally precious.
  6. Admin Tower, an extradimensional place of mindgames and nightmares where, if a player passes all of the puzzles and trials, they will be granted a wish.
  7. More player classes, other interesting stuff? Community suggestions?


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