Logistical Automation

110,980 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 12, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Requires Guide-API. MCMultipart support is included for conveyors, but is still a bit buggy.

Logistical Automation is still in an alpha state, but has undergone extensive testing. It should be safe to use in modpacks.

General Information

Logistical Automation is aiming to be a large tech mod focused around automation using unique conveyors, sorting machines, and eventually its own machines and power system. On top of that it attempts to improve upon the conveyors seen in Simply Conveyors & More in every possible way.

None of the power system or machines are currently implemented. I'm releasing the mod in this state because I feel like all of its current features are in a stable enough state to be used by the general public.

The mod shares a lot of ideas and inspiration from Factorio, but still hopes to differentiate itself in many ways.


The mod contains a tool called the Logistic Wrench which you can use to rotate directional blocks from the mod, control catwalk sides, and also change if stair conveyors move up or down using shift right-click.


Currently the mod contains various types of conveyors including:

  • Stone Conveyors
  • Flat Conveyors
  • Stair Conveyors
  • and Vertical Conveyors

These conveyors also come in three different speeds: Normal, Fast, and Express. The Stone Conveyor is the exception to this rule, as it is only available in one tier: Extremely Slow. Conveyors also center their contents on them, with the exception of the Stone Conveyor.

Conveyors also don't have magnets pull items off of them either!

Sorting Machines

Conveyors can be used in conjunction with sorting machines to route and sort items in different directions. Some examples of sorting machines are:

  • The Filter - Let's you filter items out into different directions. Un-filtered items pop out the top. You can also control if NBT, Metadata, and other attributes are compared.
  • The Alternator - Every other item stack that enters it will alternate directions from left to right.
  • The Junction - Let's you control whether the item stack entering the machine goes left or right using redstone.
  • The Splitter - Halves the item stack entering it in half and outputs each half equally on both sides. The larger halved stack (if the stack is an odd number) is always output on the right side of the machine.
  • The Extractor - Takes one item out of the inventory behind it every 0.25 seconds. You can also filter what items are extracted in a similar manner to the Filter.
  • The Grate - The Grate is a block which allows any items (and XP orbs) to pass through it when it is open. You can open and close it with your hand or using redstone.'

One interesting attribute that all Sorting Machines share (other than the Grate) is the ability to output what enters them directly into inventories. If you used the splitter and had chests on both sides, the halved stacks would enter into the inventories on the sides.

Mob Farms

These conveyors are great for use with mob farms since mobs can spawn on them from Cursed Earth placed underneath the conveyors. There are even some blocks specifically for making mob farms:

  • The Blowtorch - Does 3 hearts of damage every 2 seconds when the entity is directly in front of it. Sets the entity on fire for 2 seconds.
  • The Octo-directional Blowtorch - Does 3 hearts of damage every 2 seconds when the entity is in a one block radius horizontally around it. Sets the entity on fire for 2 seconds.For more detailed information, make sure to check out the in-game guide book!


The mod includes various different decor items:

  • Catwalks - Catwalks have configurable sides which you can control by using a wrench. Catwalks will automatically connect to each other when placed near each other, but removing a catwalk won't revert the sides on nearby catwalks. (This will be changed in the future)
  • Catwalk Stairs
  • Catwalk Pillars

Extra Info

For more info make sure to check out the in-game guide book!


Screenshots will be provided in the very near future. Stay tuned! In the meantime here's some slightly old pictures https://imgur.com/a/RDAh6Dw.


Have any issues or suggestions? Just use the Issues button at the top and I'll look into your issue or suggestion as quick as possible!


Modpacks are completely allowed both due to my license as well as CurseForge's policies. Feel free to use it in your pack, as I feel it's in a stable enough state to do so.

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