2,393 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 10, 2019 Game Version: Fabric

Locky adds locks for securing any lockable containers in the game. In vanilla, this includes:

  • barrels
  • blast furnaces
  • chests (and trapped chests)
  • dispensers
  • droppers
  • furnaces
  • hoppers
  • shulker boxes
  • smokers

Locky uses the vanilla locking system,  so any modded block entity that extends the LockableContainerBlockEntity interface will have support.


To lock a block, name your lock the password you want to use and shift-right-click the block. To access the block, simply right-click with any item that's named the password you set earlier. Shift-right-clicking with a lockpick that's named with the password will remove the lock and return the lock to you. A player in creative mode can access any locked container (configurable with the "locky:creativeLockBypass" gamerule), and unlock any container with any lockpick.


Locked containers will not spill their inventories when broken, instead keeping them inside the dropped item like a shulker box, for added security (configurable with the "locky:protectLockedBlocks" gamerule)


Name tags can be used to rename any lockable container.


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