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Does your minecraft use turkish locale? Is your modded minecraft crashing? If you answered yes to both questions this mod might fix your problem. Usage of the mod is simple: download mod and install it to mods folder. Then start your game and crash should be gone. WARNING: this mod fixes only small subset of crashes: please see examples.


It is possible to accomplish same result without mod

  • add -Duser-language=en as an extra java argument or
  • wait launcher developers fix launcher(s) to include that argument by default.

For pack makers it might be easier to use a mod which injects fix automatically.

Crash Examples

  • Fixed with this mod
    • FTB Unstable(MC 1.10.2): crashlog. Might be vanilla bug.
    • FTB Infinity: crashlog
    • FTB Infinity: crashlog .Notice weird uppercase I in exception
    • FTB Lite 2: log. Use coremod version of the mod. Make sure you download correct mod for your MC version
  • Not fixed with this mod
    • Legacy packs: Tweaker support was added into Forge for MC 1.6.4
      • FTB Ultimate: crashlog (00_mc-locale-fix-coremod-old-1.0.jar should fix this. Not tested yet)

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java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not init class com.rwtema.extrautils2.blocks.BlockPassiveGenerator

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Block: class com.rwtema.extrautils2.blocks.BlockPassiveGenerator has property: generatortypes with invalidly named value: f?re


java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Tried to create a genome for 'rootBees' from an invalid chromosome template. Missing chromosome 'effect'.


java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum constant forestry.api.apiculture.EnumBeeChromosome.HUMİDİTY_TOLERANCE


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