Load My F***ing Tags

A Simple mod that prevents Minecraft from throwing out an entire tag of its contents if one or more entries within the tag are invalid. There will be a message found within the game if the tags are "cooked" and more info similar to the base game can be found within the Log of the Server/Client the mod is running.


The reason behind this mod is the issue that some mod or data pack may add an invalid entry to let's say "minecraft:mineable/pickaxe" leading to all pickaxe mineable blocks being unmineable which breaks the game.


TLDR: This mod prevents Mod/Datapack mistakes from breaking entire portions of the game. For more Info involved with either Understanding or Silencing the Ingame Chat Message go to the Github Link for more info


Note about Versioning

  • [MultiLoader Update] Ver1.0.1: Fix issue involved with mixins only applying client side


  • [47.1.44 - 47.2.5] Ver1.0.3: Fix issues with forge reimplementing Singleplayer Modmenu
  • [47.2.6 and Up] Ver1.0.4: Fix issue with forge patch bug with TagGroup.Loader with HashSet instead of LinkedHashSet