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This mod adds the popular enchantment Soulbound. The enchantment is highly customizable within the config file but the default item is described below:

Soulbound can be applied to any enchantable item. It comes in levels 1, 2, and 3. Whenever the user dies with Soulbound enchanted items the items will return to the user with -1 level eventually removing the enchantment from the item. The enchantment is mostly found in bastion remnant's and end cities. It cannot be accessed through librarians and will can't be paired with any curse enchants.



What mods are 100% compatible?

Currently there is compatibility support for:

-Enigmatic Legacy

-Gravestone Mods


-Quark Oddities
This doesn't mean other mods don't work! If any other mods cause problems please let me know on github!

I have an issue! Where can I report this?

On our github!

Can I use this in my modpack?

Yes you can!

Fabric port please?

no thank you.

However there is a mod similar to mine running on fabric!

Go check it out!

Port to 1.15.2? 1.14? 1.12?

no thank you.




Aizistral - amazing help with code!


This is my first mod released so there will be bumps, bugs, and exploits. This mod is mainly to just get situated in the mod development field by fixing those
bugs, making minor improvements, seeing what things do what best, combating compatibility issues, and other mod development.. stuff! Which is why If
you've found an issue please let me know in our github issue tracker as I will try to fix it as fast as I can for my own sake.

Any bug related comments that have been fixed will be removed!


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