Living Exp

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This Mod has been discontinued sorry.


Living Exp is a small mod focused on farming. Using the item "Living Exp" you can farm previously unfarmable resources, like mineral ores. This way you don't have to worry about traveling 500+ blocks to mine more diamonds. However, it will be anything but cheap. At the bare minimum you will need easy access to magma cream, most of the vanilla plants, and lots of time for things to grow. Plus, the more valuable a resource, diamonds for example, the more materials you need for it. I have heard rumors of the ability to grow large glowstone crystals in your world too.


The Basics:

Living Exp is found in leafy caves underground.

(Roughly y=20-30)

When fully grown Living Exp Plants have yellow bulbs and blue leaves

(Un-Verified: WAILA should tell you when also.)

You can use Living Exp in a variety of crafting recipes in order to farm your desired resources.

(I <3 JEI!)


Currently Supported Mods:


TConstruct: Cobalt, Ardite, and Manyullyn ore clumps.


This Mod has been discontinued sorry.


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