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Filename liteconversion-fabric-1.8.0.jar
Uploaded by MarioAndWeegee3
Uploaded Dec 11, 2019
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 579.02 KB
Downloads 168
MD5 b13c2dea3491f69f65ac4abd62bb823d
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Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


Updated to 1.15

Updated ML3API to 1.3.1

Updated LibCD to 2.0.1

Redone the config using ML3API and Cloth Config 2

Removed Auto Config and Cloth Config 1


Removed CustomRemainder and RecipeRemainderMixin (they were moved to ML3API)

Config is now in [minecraft]/config/liteconversion/config.json

Config format is different, should be easier to write

Added Block Conversion for all of the Stripped Logs

When converting blocks in the world,

  • Direction is now kept - for vanilla FACING, HORIZONTAL_FACING, and AXIS properties
  • The sound was changed to the Enderman teleport sound
  • There are the cool purple Portal particles spawning from the block

Adding recipes through Tweakers has changed

  • Replace the Java.type line with libcd.require("liteconversion.tweaker.Conversion")
  • Remove INSTANCE from the lines
  • Recipes now use the naming scheme "liteconversion:conversion/[recipeNum]_[outputItem]" for the names

Added new advancements

  • Lite Conversion - unlocks when you have every item needed for the Transmutation Stone, unlocks the Transmutation Stone and Infinite Transmutation Stone recipes in the Recipe Book, gives 5 experience
  • Unlimited Power! - unlocks when you obtain an Infinite Transmutation Stone, gives 10 experience

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