Liquid's Vehicle Pack - Immersive Vehicles

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Making vehicles is one thing, making vehicles fit into minecraft is something else.


This pack offers some unique vehicles that are a must have when playing around with the Immersive Vehicles mod. All the models are made to fit in your minecraft world. With a eye for detail while remaining a low-poly blocky look.


Main Mod:


The pack currently offers:

The Bubble (Bell 47 Helicopter) (modelled by me)

The BubbleThe Bell 47 was the world’s first certified civil helicopter, the first to be used by all branches of the U.S. armed forces, to cross the Alps, to carry a U.S. president, and to spray crops—a job it does today. NASA used the 47 as a lunar module training aid for Apollo astronauts. But those distinctions have little to do with the loyalty the Bubble inspires.

This iconic helicopter is now also in minecraft (the Immersive Vehicles mod doesnt yet support helicopters so it will handle like a smal blimb for the time being, hope you enjoy


It features:

  • Flight sticks that moves with horizontal movements of the helicopter
  • Footpadels moving with the yaw of the helicopter
  • Collective-Pitch-Control levers being moved with the change of altitude
  • Stobe lights, NAV lights and landing light
  • Engine accurately modelled after a real Bell 47 engine with moving vent
  • Comes standard with additional fueltanks that can be swapped for storage containers
  • Moving tailroter when the yaw is adjusted


The Batmobile (modeld by Arexon)

BatmobileThe Batmobile is both a heavily armored tactical assault vehicle and a personalized custom-built pursuit and capture vehicle that is used by Batman in his fight against crime.


it features:

  • Custom Wheels
  • Custom Jet-Engine
  • Abilty to hold loads of guns
  • Riddiculisly fast
  • Terrifyingly huge
    Easter egg (try the siren hint hint)


The Skycrane (modeld by me)



  • Personal instuments for both main pilots seats
  • Seat in the back facing the crane (with full helicopter control)
  • Attachable tank
  • Attachable Storage pod
  • Attachable Cargo frame, capable of caring UNU containers or tanks
  • Detailed engine and component on the top of the helicopter


The Kei Truck (modeld by Wacky)


  • Working pedals, stearing wheel and gearshift
  • Headlights, tl-lights and glowing signs
  • Custom wheels


Future Updates?

v3.0 – Army

  • Apache Helicopter
  • Chinook Helicopter
  • The Osprey Helicopter (two roters left and right :D)
  • The Black Hawk Helicopter
  • Army version of The Bubble and The Skycrane
  • CB90 Combat Boat


v4.– Cute

  • Mini Car
  • Mini Boat
  • Mini Heli
  • Mini Plane


v5.0 – Futuristic

  • Cybertruck
  • Model X
  • Hovering Cars
  • Thunderbirds 2


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