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Linked Destruction



A Minecraft Forge mod designed to quickly destroy large areas of blocks. This is inspired by VeinMiner by PortableJim. We now have proper hotkeys! The ~ by default is a toggle, the R key is the press and hold key. The toggle will take priority over the hold.




- Blocks that are the same will be linked together and destroyed at a rate of 1 block every 10ms (that's 100 blocks a second), Using registry names any block can be linked to any other block as well!

- Radius controlled block limit. The current limit is set to 25 however this is a config option.

- Where the blocks drop (on the start or in place)

- How large of a radius to limit to OR how many blocks to mine total before stopping

- Ability to change hands to a different active tool and that tool take over mining

- Different linking properties, such as if the block can be harvested, if its the same block, or just a general linked list

- Whitelist and Blacklist for blocks

- Whitelist and Blacklist for tools

- Mod can be set to save tools with a set amount of durability instead of outright destroying them! or just destroy them.